Integrated report 2019
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Social package

GRI: [ 401-2 ]

Our employees benefit from a dedicated offer of benefits, which include, among others:

  • extra payments to the Employee Capital Plans (PPK), i.e. Budimex SA and Budimex Group companies have agreed for additional voluntary contributions to monthly premiums. This means the employer helps the employees receive funds for higher pensions in the future,
  • attractive package of medical benefits regardless of the employee’s position, vaccinations at work,
  • wide selection of services within the framework of MyBenefit cafeteria, thanks to which every employee may decide on its own on the allocation of its funds from the Company Social Benefit Fund,
  • finance for sports activities as part of the “Aktywni BX” initiative (sports sections) and the possibility of using sports facilities with the MultiSport card,
  • life insurance and the possibility of insurance extension by additional risk categories (apart from the risks for which insurance is paid by the employer),
  • additional, payable day off on one’s birth or name day,
  • attractive loans and allowances for persons in a difficult life situation,
  • housing allowances for white-collar workers,
  • gifts for mothers on the birth of their children.

It is also worth mentioning that, as a rule, blue-collar workers receive a contract of employment. Moreover, while working away from their place of residence, they may expect free accommodation. All blue-collar workers, regardless of whether they are seconded or they work in their place of residence, have a free lunch every day.

We also implement an integrated IT system to support the employee management – Human Resources Information System (HRIS) created by Oracle. Its implementation will allow even more efficient management of human resources, thus improving the comfort of the employees themselves.

The latest cloud computing system for managing human resources of the HRIS class

Budimex is one of the first companies in Poland which locally implements this system in such a wide scope. It is planned to cover main ‘soft’ HR processes with the Oracle’s system, such as periodic assessment, setting goals, training and development, succession planning, recruitment, as well as support for the area of remuneration and benefits. In this way, the company hopes to provide a flexible self-service to employees and superiors, which is consistent with the latest global practices. HRIS will cover nearly 6,000 employees in 5 companies of Budimex Group. The works on the implementation of the system have been underway since the beginning of 2019.

We are the first company in Ferrovial Group to have such solution. The technology is provided by Oracle and Fizz Consulting is responsible for its implementation, the implementation partner of the American company. It is the largest project of this type in the construction industry and one of the greatest implementations of cloud solutions in Poland. HRIS will support carrying out HR activities by allowing the employees to access the system on computers, tablets, or smartphones.