Integrated report 2019
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Railway construction sector

The construction market for railway infrastructure is a prospective area of construction for a general contractor. According to the current programme financing plan titled “National Railway Programme until 2023” (KPK), PKP PLK will implement projects from the basic list of projects, whose value amounts to PLN 73.1 billion. In addition, 66 projects worth approx. PLN 32.6 billion have been included in the reserve list. As of the first half of February 2020, PKP PLK has not published an order plan for 2020. The forthcoming end of the current EU financial perspective may influence the increase in the activity of PKP PLK in order to meet the deadlines for the settlement of the projects co-financed with EU funds.

The major challenge for the largest infrastructure investors and the working environment will be the planned construction of the Solidarity Transport Hub (STH). In the optimistic scenario, STH will be operational in 2027. According to the government estimates, the value of the planned investments in the project is approx. PLN 30-35 billion.