Integrated report 2019
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Value model

GRI: [ 102-7, 102-15 ]

The value model aims to present the business model in the context of its impact on six categories of capital, i.e. financial, human, organisational, intellectual, social and natural capital. In the reported period, no significant changes occurred in our business model (with the accuracy of inclusion in FBSerwis’s capital group).

Features Financial capital Human capital Organisational capital Intellectual capital Social capital Natural capital
The capital from which we finance our business – the funds entrusted to us by shareholders and lenders as well as the funds that we generate by creating profits.

Taking care­ to multiply the entrusted capital and reliability in informing about the actual state of Budimex Group and its operations

A diverse team of experienced engineers and other professionals involved in creating a sustainable value

Takin care of safety and health of persons engaged in their work, their development and future

Unique organisational structure allowing for the collection of complementary competences and, as a result, offering a wide range of services.

Continuously improved operational processes that allow effective operation and guarantee the highest quality of execution.

Knowledge and competences

Unique technical solutions developed over the years, resulting from research and development

High quality laboratory testing

Ability to build relationships with a broadly defined environment, including long-term relationships with suppliers and subcontractors

Being a good neighbour for local communities,

Cooperation with other players, including competitors, to solve common industry problems (e.g. “Agreement for Safety in Construction”)

Direct and indirect environmental impact

Respect for used but limited natural resources

Care for environmentally valuable areas which are adjacent to our projects

Results in 2019
  • Total assets: PLN 6,673,959 thousand
  • Equity: PLN 836,640 thousand
  • Long-term liabilities: PLN 1,049,392 thousand
  • Short-term liabilities PLN 4,787,927 thousand
  • Sales revenues: PLN 7,569,663 thousand
  • Number of employees (in all capital Group companies consolidated in the financial reporting): 7,474

  • Tangible fixed assets: PLN 512,921 thousand
  • 1,163 pre-qualified subcontractors
  • 1,420 completed final assessments
  • 93 identified problems
  • Intangible assets: PLN 168,822 thousand
  • 27 laboratory units located throughout the country
  • 53 accredited test methods, including seven extended methods
  • Participation in multimillion innovative projects
  • Income tax paid to the state budget in the amount of over PLN 103,506 thousand
  • PLN 883 thousand for social purposes in the form of donations and PLN 1650 thousand spent on sponsorship
  • Elimination of social and environmental conflicts
  • Own social programmes
  • Cooperation and solutions developed within the framework of the “Agreement for Safety in Construction”
  • Lack of environmental emergencies
  • Optimisation of the consumption of raw materials, materials, energy carriers and emissions
  • Recovery of secondary raw materials and soil and earth
Our approach We finance activities thanks to which the road and railway infrastructure, as well as public utility facilities are created. We purchase required resources and materials. We timely and reliably pay our liabilities to our business partners, and thus we provide them with financial liquidity We ensure fair working conditions for our employees and external subcontractors. We support our staff in development. We engage future engineers in the Budimex Academy and our internship and apprenticeship programme. We provide safe workplaces for our employees and contractors. We develop optimal and effective solutions to ensure safety of our customers and natural environment. By getting involved in the construction of public and infrastructural facilities, we contribute to the improvement of the social and economic life quality. We protect the most precious natural areas through adequate planning and protection of construction sites. We monitor our environmental impact and respond to any alarm signals.
Related risk categories

Foreign exchange risk

Price risk

Credit risk

Liquidity risk

Risk of increase in employment costs, risk of lack of a sufficient number of qualified employees

Risk of delay in timely performance or insufficient quality of the subcontractors’ work

Risk of delay in obtaining relevant administrative decisions

Risk of change in the scope of works or technologies agreed in agreements



Risk of delay in obtaining relevant administrative decisions

Risk of delay in obtaining relevant administrative decisions

Risk of adverse weather or soil conditions