Integrated report 2019
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Hello ICE

“Hello ICE” is our another original social programme, which, in 2019, replaced the “ICE Intercom” after a decade. Its aim is to extend knowledge of the youngest pupils of primary schools (grade levels 1-3) and kindergartens in the field of road safety. A key part of the campaign is constituted by an interactive map which anyone can use to mark dangerous places that kids encounter on their way to school or kindergarten, as well as by educational materials (complete scenarios to conduct lessons) for teachers, educational games and plays for parents and children. Moreover, pupils are equipped with plastic cards including data facilitating – in case of emergency – contact with their families. The “Hello ICE” programme has received the honorary patronage of the Minister of Infrastructure and the Minister of National Education, as well as a positive opinion of the Good Education Association. The campaign has also a wider educational dimension, as it promotes the road safety principles and first aid among children. By the end of 2019, nearly 300 dangerous spots were reported, eight Safety Days were completed in primary schools and kindergartens, as well as 1,400 ICE cards with reflectors were distributed. The mascot of the program is a friendly tiger Budi (more information at