Integrated report 2019
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GRI: [ 102-16 ]

The Budimex Group’s key companies include: Budimex SA, Mostostal Kraków SA, Budimex Nieruchomości Sp. z o.o. and FBSerwis SA

Budimex SA is the parent company in Budimex Group. As a general contractor, it implements infrastructural, building and industrial investments, provides design services, rental of machines and laboratory services. Its role is to ensure a quick flow of information between the Group’s companies, as well as to support them in their development and in effective management in order to build a strong market position of the entire Group.

Mostostal Kraków SA provides construction and assembly services. It specialises in contracting and assembly of steel structures and devices for the cement and lime, power, steel and chemical industries. It offers also design services.

Budimex Nieruchomości Sp. z o.o. provides property development. The company’s task is to purchase and prepare investment lands for the purposes of housing construction, to sell apartments, as well as to rent and serve real properties on its own account.

FBSerwis SA, whose sole shareholder is Budimex SA as of 3 July 2019, provides waste management, comprehensive services of road infrastructure maintenance and management of lighting infrastructure, as well as technical maintenance of buildings.

Apart from the aforementioned companies, the Group comprises several other entities identified in detail in the further part of the report (see: “Non-financial data tables”).

GRI: [ 102-4, 102-6 ]

Main markets where Budimex Group operates are:

  • Poland
  • Germany
  • Lithuania

Geographic structure of sales revenue in 2019:




Other countries


GRI: [ 102-6 ]

In 2020, we are still planning to operate in all important sectors of the construction market in Poland, as well as in the German and Lithuanian markets. Infrastructural investment projects co-funded by the European Union budget (in particular road and railway projects) are our opportunity to acquire new contracts. The value of the winning tenders was higher by 14% in 2019 than in 2018. We also want to consistently strengthen our position in residential and commercial building market and obtain new projects in the industrial and railway sectors. We plan further development on the municipal service market and initiating various Public Private Partnership projects.

In 2019, our companies signed construction contracts of the total value of PLN 7,496,046 thousand (including annexes). As of the end of 2019, the value of the Budimex Group’s construction order portfolio was PLN 10,781,176 thousand, i.e. increase by 6% in comparison with the end of 2018.

The structure of our order portfolio (Budimex Group) as of 31 December 2019:


Railway segment

Residential segment

Non-residential segment

Industrial construction

Hydrotechnical construction


GRI: [ 102-5 ]

Shareholder structure

The shareholding structure of the Company as at 31 December 2019 is as follows:

Shareholder Type of shares Number of shares % share in the share capital Number of votes % share in the votes at the General Meeting of Shareholders
Ferrovial Agroman International SE ordinary shares 14 078 159 55,1% 14 078 159 55,1%
Aviva OFE Aviva Santander ordinary shares 2 552 000 10% 2 552 000 10%
Nationale Nederlanden OFE ordinary shares 1 360 000 5,3% 1 360 000 5,3%
Other shareholders ordinary shares 7 539 939 29,5% 7 539 939 29,5%
Total 25 530 098 100,0% 25 530 098 100,0%