Integrated report 2019
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Other activities

In addition to the above-mentioned social programmes, Budimex Group continued its sociocultural and educational initiatives, including supporting the promotion of physical culture and sport. It is worth mentioning the following initiatives:

  • the “Diamond Explorers” scholarship programme providing financial support to talented and effective groups of young people to give them the opportunity to participate in prestigious international and national scientific and technical contests, in particular in such fields as technology, engineering, design, industrial design, mathematics, and management,
  • support for the Demos Foundation, which helps young people in a difficult life situation. The Foundation develops facilities to carry out educational, therapeutic and sports activities. It organises workshops for youth leaders and scholarship programmes. It also develops publishing activities oriented towards social, educational and cultural matters,
  • restoration of the Polish church in Krakovets, Ukraine,
  • support for the organisation of sports events and teams: Polish Championships of Disabled Sailors, Stomil Olsztyn Football Club, Polish Sports Bridge Association, Wybrzeże Gdańsk handball team, Sokół Ostróda football team, and Women Basketball Sports Club “Katarzynki” in Toruń,
  • other projects corresponding with the social goals of Budimex and oriented towards children and teenagers, e.g. the Children’s Foundation “Help on Time”, Hope Oncological Foundation, primary schools and technical universities.