Integrated report 2019
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Social activities and relationships with communities

The construction of infrastructure, including road and railway infrastructure, is a prerequisite for socioeconomic development. As a result, it improves the quality of life of both the society as a whole and local communities. Unfortunately, construction works involve specific nuisances, especially for the inhabitants of areas directly adjacent to the construction area. The works may mean increased traffic of vehicles, machine operation, and related noise. Each potential aspect of the environmental impact of the investment is already analysed at the stage of issuing administrative decisions, where inhabitants’ representatives take part in public consultation. As Budimex Group, we conduct also non-obligatory, additional public consultation in the course of designing e.g. bypass routes or road closures. We provide the inhabitants with feedback channels – contact form available on, corporate social media profiles. In this way, we limit the potential risks that may lead to delays and stoppages, e.g. inhabitants’ protests, blocked works, extended administrative procedures, and, at the same time, affect the image of Budimex Group companies.

As usually it is not completely possible to eliminate all obstacles and threats, we try to compensate the local communities for nuisances. We organise educational campaigns related to road safety for the youngest, first aid, and we finance the purchase of equipment for local volunteer fire departments. We often help local residents with minor works, such as the renewal of playgrounds.