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Awards and distinctions received in 2019

Awards and distinctions received in 2019 (in chronological order)

  • Best Quality Employer 2018. This prestigious title was granted to Budimex in January 2019 by Centralne Biuro Certyfikacji Krajowej (Central Bureau of National Certification). The initiative is aimed at selecting and promoting companies that are distinguished by their reliability in terms of employment policy, employee solutions and human resources management. The companies are trustworthy enterprises that take care of the development of employees and ensure stable employment and friendly atmosphere at work. (January)
  • “Responsible Business in Poland. Good practices”. In the 17th Report “Responsible business in Poland. Good practices”, two Budimex social programmes are listed: “Parent Zone. Budimex for children” and “Change the World. 50 years of Budimex”. This report is an annual publication of the Responsible Business Forum, issued since 2002. It presents the most inspiring and exemplary activities of CSR companies. (March)
  • Benefactor of the Year 2019. Budimex won the 22nd edition of the “Dobroczyńca Roku” (“Benefactor of the Year”) competition in the “Education – Large Company” category. The Competition Jury awarded the company for the cooperation with the “Trzy czte ry!” Foundation. As part of this cooperation, the first forest school in Poland, the “Puszczyk” Forest Primary School, was opened near Białystok. (May)
  • “Well-Perceived Company” title (“Firma Dobrze Widziana”). Budimex is one of the laureates of the Well-Perceived Company competition organised by the Business Centre Club under the Human Capital Operational Programme. Its aim was to select companies that are perceived as particularly active in the area of corporate social responsibility. (May)
  • Polish Entrepreneur 2018 – Industry Leader. In June 2019, Jerzy Kwieciński, the Minister of Investment and Development, presented the President of Budimex with the award titled Polish Entrepreneur 2018 – Leader of the Industry of Gazeta Polska Codziennie newspaper. The sixth edition of this contest – Budimex was among only six companies awarded this distinction. (June)
  • Structure of the Year 2018. The Polish Association of Civil Engineers and Technicians (PZITB) has, for the 29th time, awarded its annual prizes for best construction investments. The project which won the jury’s appreciation was a production and warehousing building with amenities and office section and with technical systems. It was built for Nuctech Warsaw Company. (August)
  • HR Pearls in the Best Recruitment Team 2019. This award was granted to our Recruitment and EB Department. This is the first competition in Poland addressed to specialists and companies dealing with the provision of general HR services. The idea behind the competition is to integrate the recruitment environment and create an opportunity to promote its potential. (October)
  • Oracle’s Customer of the Year. Budimex has received a distinction for the implementation of a cloud system for human resources management – Human Resources Information System (HRIS). This award was for the whole HR team, which, with the support of the IT team, has implemented the first HRIS functionalities in just 8 months. (October)
  • Sports Facility of 2019. The Marki Educational and Recreation Centre (Mareckie Centrum Edukacyjno-Rekreacyjne – MCER) constructed by Budimex was awarded the prestigious title of the “Sports Facility of 2019” by the Klub Sportowej Polski organisation. The latter encompasses 991 different entities, including local government authorities, construction companies as well as sports and educational associations. (November)
  • CIJ Award – Leading Green Warehouse Development. Lidl Logistics Centre in Kłuszyn, constructed by Budimex in 2018, won the prestigious CIJ Award in November 2019 in the category Leading Green Warehouse Development. The facility constructed for Lidl was considered the best logistic facility in Poland in terms of environmental protection and sustainable development. (November)
  • „Buduj Bezpiecznie 2019” – “Construct Safely 2019”. Budimex took first place for the construction of the aircraft testing facility in Tajęcina. The competition is organised by the State Labour Inspectorate at regional levels. It is aimed at promoting the General Contractors of construction works who ensure safe workplaces to increase the general level of safety in the construction industry in Poland. (November)
  • Top Brand 2019. Budimex won the first place in the ranking of the prestigious Press magazine in the construction industry category. In 2019 the value and strength of Budimex brand in the media was twice as high as that of Skanska, Strabag, or Echo Investment. In the ranking of all brands present in Poland, Budimex took 62nd place, ahead of such companies as: Biedronka, ING Bank, Apple, Nike and Opel. (November)