Integrated report 2019
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GRI: [ 102-40, 102-42, 102-44, 102-47 ]

When developing long-term relationships with stakeholders, we follow our corporate values: responsibility, ethics, cooperation and ambition. The CSR Committee appointed by the Group watches over the assurance that communication with key stakeholder groups is kept in a transparent form, in accordance with the open dialogue principles. We choose communication tools according to the needs of the specific group. We participate in many meetings and business and industry conferences, we have corporate profiles in social media, we use artificial intelligence (chat bot), we implement social projects, we are a member of associations and organisations acting for the construction industry, we conduct surveys for suppliers. In communication, we care a lot about developing direct relations.

The stakeholders map features 6 major groups which have an impact on the Budimex Group and those that the Group has impact on.

They include:

  • Employees and social partners (full-time employees, students and potential employees, former employees, trade unions, employees of subcontractors and suppliers, labour inspection and other similar supervision authorities);
  • Investors (strategic investor, institutional investors, individual investors, Warsaw Stock Exchange, brokerage houses, banks);
  • Customers (GDDKiA, institutional customers, individual customers, business partners, key suppliers, subcontractors, local government and government administration);
  • Society (local communities within the investment area, residents and community leaders, universities and academics/students, technical and professional organisations);
  • Natural environment (environmental organisations, environmental supervision inspectors, State Forests).
  • Media, public opinion.

The CSR Committee and Communication Department are responsible for dialogue with stakeholders, regularly analysing and updating external and internal factors that may affect the dialogue process and the importance of key areas of the Budimex Group’s responsibilities. The Group applies the principle of decentralised dialogue, which means that direct relations with stakeholders prevail. The contact frequency depends on the nature of the given group and its needs. The communication with stakeholders takes place not only in the form of actions required by law, i.e. by publishing information in current and periodic reports, but is also supplemented by numerous additional activities and tools. Channels of communication with stakeholders are adapted to the given target group. These include, among others, surveys for suppliers as well as all the other stakeholder groups, meetings, conferences, social media, chat bots, social projects, participation in external initiatives, e.g. Agreement for Safety in Construction.

The Communication Department, the Spokesperson and the Strategic Analysis Office are responsible for dialogue with external environment.