Integrated report 2019
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Power construction sector

In recent years, the power construction sector has maintained a good growth rate as a result of progress in the execution of several large power units with a total power of 5,8 GW. The investments in Jaworzno, Turów, Stalowa Wola and Żerań (Warsaw) are at the construction stage and in some cases in a very advanced stage, while the units in Opole, Kozienice, Włocławek and Płock were put into operation. In September 2019 and January 2020, respectively, an agreement was signed for the construction of further power units in the power plant in Puławy and Dolna Odra power plant. The aim is to replace the generation capacity of worn-out units with high efficiency ones. However, the Polish Ministry of Energy indicates that the new unit in Ostrołęka power plant with a power of 1,000 MW will be the last facility of this type with such a significant value in Poland. Further projects will focus on smaller facilities, mostly based on fuels other than coal. The concept of diversification of the system’s installed power, as shown in “Polish energy policy by 2040”, assumes gradual reduction of conventional energy sources, i.e. coal-fired power stations, and the increase of the scale of investments in offshore wind power plants, photovoltaic power plants and nuclear power plants. By 2040, the estimated value of investments resulting from the implementation of the developed policy will amount to even PLN 400 billion, including the cost of a nuclear power plant estimated at PLN 120-180 billion. The value of all potential wind power investments in the Polish part of the Baltic Sea is estimated at about 100-120 billion PLN. In the years to come, further implementation of the investment programmes in electricity and gas transmission and distribution market is to be expected.