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The Budimex Group is an unquestionable leader of the construction market. Experience, potential and resources available to the Group allow it to carry out nearly 300 projects annually from road, rail, public utility and industrial infrastructure. From the purchase in July 2019, the FBSerwis Group also has provided a wide range of facility management services.

The activities of the companies comprising Budimex Group contribute to Poland’s economic development each day. We handed over dozens of kilometres of expressways, motorways, or vital bypasses for cities in 2019 only, for example: 20-kilometre fragment of Częstochowa bypass within the A1 motorway; 8-kilometre fragment of the Skarżysko-Kamienna bypass within S7 – completed six months before the agreed date; 10-kilometre fragment of Olsztyn bypass within S51 – 3 months before the project date; 13-kilometre fragment of Suwałki bypass; or the Independence Route in Białystok, allowing to bypass the city from the west. We also completed the key works on the railway line no. 7, connecting Warsaw and Lublin (LOT B and C1).

In October 2019, we put into operation the airport traffic control tower for Katowice airport on commission of the Polish Air Navigation Agency. It is the highest traffic control tower in Poland and one of the most state-of-the-art in Europe. We finished the construction of the Museum of the Cursed Soldiers in Ostrołęka. At its opening, Piotr Gliński, the Polish Minister of Culture and National Heritage, summed up cooperation with Budimex, the parent company in Budimex Group, “I would like to thank Budimex for meticulous construction and, as always, for exceptional effort to overcome any difficulties. I am glad that the project such as this museum was executed by a company with a Polish and long tradition such as Budimex.” In 2019, we also constructed the largest and state-of-the-art distribution centre for Lidl in Kłuszyn and the Marki Educational and Recreation Centre – the first public utility building designed in the energy-saving BREEAM standard (internationally recognised certificate for ecological buildings). We entered the last stage of construction of the flood tank in Racibórz (advanced work stage at 85%) – a crucial project for the flood safety of the inhabitants of cities, towns and villages located by the Oder river in Śląskie, Opolskie, and Dolnośląskie voivodeships.

In 2019, we have also launched a number of new projects. We expand hospitals in Lublin and Gorzów Wielkopolski. Tauron entrusted us with the modernisation of Łaziska Power Plant and, on commission of PGNiG, we are going to build a new boiler house in Żerań Combined Heat And Power Plant. GAZ-SYSTEM SA entrusted us with the “Construction of the Strachocina-Polish Border pipeline with the infrastructure necessary for its operation”, which is connection of the Polish and Slovak transmission systems.

In addition to the execution of projects that promote economic, social, cultural and scientific development, Budimex Group is constantly involved in projects for the development of the construction sector. For the past ten years, the Group has operated under the Agreement for Construction Safety, which promotes a culture of safe work, develops standards and system solutions to eliminate hazards on construction sites. The Group also cooperates with ORLEN Asfalt, LOTOS Group, Gdańsk University of Technology and the Research Institute of Roads and Bridges to reduce the costs of construction and improve the durability of roads using polymer modified bitumen. The Consortium with scientific and research entities also works on creating innovative devices for PKP PLK, which would allow for limiting the emission of vibrations and noise. The Budimex Group implements innovative projects financed from national funds, such as InRaViS and InRaNoS, whose purpose is to develop solutions that protect people and the environment against noise and vibration caused by rail traffic. Our engineers and managers are also involved in international projects financed by the European Commission, such as BIMERR – a project whose goal is to develop tools supplementing the BIM system, intended for analysis and planning of thermomodernization of multi-family buildings, or SAFEWAY – a project aimed at increasing the resistance of the trans-European network transport (TEN-T) for extreme events and improving infrastructure management. We conduct our activities based on advanced technologies and material solutions. We apply a management philosophy based on the pursuit of a circular economy, which we support with innovative activities, for example by using a road desctruct recycling.

According to the adopted CSR Strategy, Budimex Group is guided by the principles of sustainable development, taking into account the needs of local communities and the environment. The Group continues to implement two key social responsibility projects: Parent Zone and Hello ICE. In 2019, we opened the 30th Parent Zone in the hospital for children in Chorzów, where a comfortable space was created for parents to spend their time with the children. We have extended the formula of Hello ICE programme, which has so far focused on the education of children of primary schools on road safety, with new elements: the map of hazardous points, which allows us to identify and eliminate them in cooperation with local authorities and a website with educational materials for teachers and parents. In the fourth quarter of 2019, we also took educational actions in the field of road safety at kindergartens. We also planted 200 trees in Białystok as part of “Tree for Survey” campaign.

We combine many years of tradition and experience with a management approach focused on seeking even better and more modern solutions, tools and technology that will enable us to execute projects even more efficiently, making sustainable development not only a concept, but literally materialise in the form of specific structures.

From 2011 to the last day of listing, we were part of the RESPECT index. We are currently in a group of companies listed in the new WIG-ESG, which replaced earlier RESPECT Index

GRI: [ 102-2 ]

We, as a capital group, provide construction and assembly services performed in the general contractor system in Poland and abroad. We also operate in the property development sector and manage real estate. The small range of the Group’s offer is commercial, production and transport activities. We also deal with municipal waste management, comprehensive maintenance of roads and technical service of buildings.