Integrated report 2019
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Road construction sector

With regard to road construction, the government adopted the updated “National Roads Construction Programme 2014-2020, with the perspective until 2025” (PBDK) in September 2019. The new document aims to increase the programme budget from PLN 135.2 billion to PLN 142.2 billion and to increase the number of kilometres covered by the financing. The length of national road fragments which are planned to be implemented is 3,568 kilometres in comparison with 3,268 kilometres included in the Programme adopted in 2017. In the years 2021-2030, the volume of orders on the road market will also be supported by the “Construction of 100 Bypasses”, which was published in February 2020. The value of the planned investments was estimated at approx. PLN 28 billion and the material scope will cover the construction of 820 kilometres of roads. A potential source of orders on the road market may also be the concept of construction of the Warsaw agglomeration bypass, which is planned for the years 2025-2030. Project expenditures for the project can reach PLN 25-30 billion.