Integrated report 2019
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Nature conservation in the supply chain

We oblige our subcontractors in our Subcontractor Code to respect legal standards and environmental decision at the investment site. As part of bid submission, the subcontractors who are interested in cooperation must acknowledge, among others, the guidelines concerning environmental standards. Environmental requirements are included in an annex to agreements – “Environmental Protection Requirements.” Every subcontractor must respond to emergencies and environmental incidents according to the system and standards of the Budimex Group.

Every subcontractor is going through training related to the environmental protection procedures and to the rules of conduct in the event of failure. Their equipment is also subject to technical efficiency assessment. Supervisors of a given construction site receive specialist training in environmental protection, while the remaining staff participates in regular training courses titled “Training in the Area of OHS Management and Environmental Protection on Contract”.

In 2019, 885 suppliers were subject to initial qualification and 1,420 cooperation summary assessments were conducted, within which environmental issues were also analysed. Irregularities related to the environmental protection were found only in nine cases.