Integrated report 2019
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Research and development projects

Individual contracts and projects use innovative solutions. On the one hand, individual structures can function more sustainably. For example, they can be more energy-efficient or use rainwater. On the other hand, the execution can be more efficient in both cost and environmental terms thanks to modern technological solutions. The contribution to socioeconomic development does not concern only the tangible effects of the executed contracts, but also the innovative ideas that are developed for their implementation. It is also technological progress and solutions initiated by companies, such as ours.

In 2019, Budimex SA, the leading company of our capital Group, continued the R&D project implementation in the area of application of building information modelling (BIM) in thermal upgrading, testing of innovative materials in railway construction and creating a platform supporting safety on the trans-European transport networks TEN-T. Two international projects BIMERR and SAFEWAY are financed from the European Union funds under the Horizon 2020 Programme, while two national projects related to the InRaNos and InRaVis rail transport are co-financed by PKP PLK and the National Centre for Research and Development.

The value of co-financed projects at the level of the European Commission and at the national level with participation of our companies is as follows:

  • SAFEWAY – Infrastructure management system, supporting the response to extreme events on trans-European transport networks (TEN-T) – EUR 4,869,100
  • BIMERR – Development of a package of tools supplementing the BIM technology, supporting the energy renovation process of existing residential buildings – EUR 6,933,320
  • InRaNoS (BRIK) – Innovative solutions within the scope of protection of people and environment from rail traffic noise – PLN 3,923,365
  • InRaViS (BRIK) – Innovative solutions within the scope of protection of people and buildings from rail traffic vibrations – PLN 7,309,154