Integrated report 2019
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Fuel, energy and CO2 emissions 

Our demand for fuel and energy follows mainly from:

  • production of bituminous mass,
  • operation of construction equipment, transport of materials, raw materials and waste,
  • use of company cars.

The current energy consumption of works (and the resulting emissivity) is closely linked to the stage at which the investment implementation is placed (e.g. increased demand for transport, operation of machines or production of bituminous mass). Due to a relatively long contract performance cycle (much more than one year), comparing energy demand and energy consumption on an annual basis is rather unreliable. Positive or negative changes in effects may result from the current state of implementation of the contract portfolio, instead of changes in the operating model. Nevertheless, they do occur, as we take actions aimed just at permanent reduction of energy consumption and emissivity, e.g. through successive replacement of equipment for models that are more environmentally friendly. We also carry out educational activities to inform employees about these issues and to rationalise their behaviour. It is about instilling healthy habits and eliminating bad practices, such as, among others, increased fuel and energy consumption. In 2019, the first electric vehicles appeared in Budimex SA. Quiet and environmentally friendly garbage trucks powered by compressed natural gas (CNG) also constitute an interesting solution. Three vehicles of that type joined the Wrocław fleet of FBSerwis in September.