Integrated report 2019
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Social projects of other capital group companies

While our key social activities are carried out by the parent company – Budimex SA – the most important activities of other companies from the capital group are also worth mentioning. Budimex Nieruchomości helped cycling enthusiasts from the Young Culture Foundation Hopsiup Project with organising the exhibition “History of the New Dynasy Cycling Track” at the National Stadium. That track, now run-down, used to operate at ul. Podskarbińska, next to the Mińska 69 settlement built by Budimex Nieruchomości Sp. z o.o. The company participated also in preparations for the Third Sport Children’s Day – the Tournament for Siekierki Kindergartners and the Sixth June Festival by the Mound for inhabitants of the Siekierki settlements. It has engaged also in lives of local communities in other cities where it operates. During the third Wrocław edition of the Good Neighbourhood action, local organisations from the Grabiszyn-Grabiszynek settlement were invited to submit their ideas for actions in the nearest neighbourhood. Microgrants were to be obtained – each in the amount of PLN 3,000. Local residents themselves voted for the idea to be supported. In turn, in Gdańsk, Budimex Nieruchomości was once again the main sponsor of the Running Grand Prix and the Zaspa Day. As a part of the Christmas campaign “We give houses for Christmas”, the customers buying apartments from Budimex Nieruchomości helped also with creating new homes for homeless animals in shelters.

In 2019, Mostostal Kraków engaged in a charity business run “Kraków Business Run 2019”, the Great Integrative Festival for Children of the Foundation “Prometeusz Pro Publico Bono” in Kraków and delivered prizes to the Tenth Małopolskie Championship of Logical Riddles for pupils of higher grades of primary and secondary schools in the Małopolskie Voivodeship.

Important actions include also educational contests addressed to primary school pupils organised by FBSerwis in cities where the company is engaged in municipal waste management. For example, the pupils of Wrocław primary schools participating in the competition “Let’s be ECO for Wrocław” had the task of building any utility object from selectively collected waste (paper, plastics, glass, metals). The authors of the best works, their teachers and schools, to which they attended, were awarded with valuable prizes, and the official gala took place in the Great Room of the Old Town Hall in Wrocław. Similar competitions were held also in other cities – e.g. that year’s competitions “Be an ECO Łódź citizen” and “Let’s be ECO for Kamieńsk” were organised under the slogan “Children create Waste Figures”. The pupils of, respectively, Łódź and Kamieńsk primary schools created fictional characters – titular Waste Figures – only with use of waste that might be thrown away to containers for paper, glass, metals and plastics. The same company participates also in joint social campaigns carried out locally by municipalities and other organisations that care about shaping the proper patterns related to waste management. FBSerwis SA strives also for responding as far as possible to the needs of rescue services with which it cooperates (road maintenance).