Integrated report 2019
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Respect for diversity

As Budimex Group, we signed the Diversity Charter. This is a voluntary international initiative that constitutes a commitment on equal treatment of all its employees and on prevention from any discrimination at work, acting for the benefit of creation and promotion of diversity, as well as it expresses the organisation’s readiness to involve all employees and business and social partners in these activities.

Budimex has implemented the Diversity Policy concerning equal treatment with regard to, among others, gender, age, disability, health status, nationality, political beliefs, form, scope and basis of employment. Under the Policy, we have undertaken to create an organisational atmosphere and culture in the company to ensure respect for any form of diversity. The Diversity Policy deals also with recruitment, access to training courses and promotions, remuneration, combining professional duties with personal life, protection against mobbing and unfair dismissal. We also break the barriers connected with the health condition of employees by hiring disabled persons in Budimex. In order to manage the Policy efficiently, we have implemented the anti-discrimination and anti-harassment monitoring (see: “Compliance Management, Compliance System”), as well as a system of educational tools, trainings, and workshops. The results of compliance with this Policy are reported to the Management Board every year.