Integrated report 2019
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Contribution to infrastructure development and innovation culture

By implementing the commercial projects commissioned to us, we make changes to the socioeconomic development that make life of the people and the functioning of the businesses easier, safer or, simply, better. Thanks to engineering works, we also help to protect nature. It is development to which we have a tangible contribution as a general contractor. Before our eyes, the environment is transformed: both at the level of the country and small local communities. We have been present on the market for more than 50 years and our commitment has helped to construct or modernise thousands of kilometres of roads: motorways, expressways, national roads, but also small local roads – no less important for residents. It is also impossible not to mention the railway infrastructure, thanks to which the Polish railways are changing after years of stagnation. Our activity includes also thousands of apartments, industrial and commercial facilities, including technical infrastructure for supporting environmental protection. We strive to ensure that all our projects are carried out not only with utmost care, but also to ensure that our knowledge and ever-expanding competences makes their implementation more and more effective and, in particular, less burdensome to the environment.