1 | Letter from the President of the Management Board

In the face of the global crisis and the uncertain economic and geopolitical situation, in 2022 we put even more emphasis on flexibility and further diversification of Budimex’s involvement segments, including the green, sustainable pillar of the activity. With our wide business portfolio, we go beyond the borders of Poland, to neighbouring countries. We face ambitious challenges with good results.

President of the Management Board of Budimex SA
Artur Popko

2 | About the Budimex Group

The Budimex Group is a strategic partner for business and the state in the field of construction. As one of the biggest general contractors in Poland, it offers services in the following sectors: road, railway, airport infrastructure, residential, energy, industrial and eco-friendly construction. Through its subsidiaries, it has a comprehensive portfolio in the field of road maintenance, building technical maintenance and municipal waste management.

o grupie

3 | Strategy of the Budimex Group

The Budimex Group continues to focus on developing a strong, valuable and diverse portfolio of orders, based on investments affecting the quality of life of present and future generations. In order to build stable foundations for the implementation of strategic goals, it goes beyond the traditional areas of activity of a construction company.

Value chain of the Budimex GroupCSR strategy for 2021–2023

4 | Budimex Group in 2022

Last year, the Budimex Group completed numerous road, infrastructure, railway, water, energy, industrial and research and development projects. It also invested in electromobility and renewable energy projects, thus contributing to the national energy transformation. The financial results for 2022 reflect the wide range of activities and business involvement of the Group.  

Characteristics of the operating activities of the Budimex GroupFinancial standing of the Budimex Group in 2022
Grupa Budimex

5 | Importance of information in the report and risk management

The Budimex Group has identified potentially significant issues arising from good practices and regulations, including the OECD Guidelines and the EU directive on Corporate Sustainability Reporting (CSRD). Human rights issues were taken into account in the identification process.

istotność informacji

7 | Compliance with the European Union Taxonomy

In accordance with the criteria set by the climate and environmental policy of the European Union, the Budimex Group carried out a detailed verification of its operations in terms of environmental impact.

8 | Climate changes and the environment

The Budimex Group has precisely defined commitments, goals, indicators and rules regulating the management of the organisation’s impact on the climate and the environment, both locally and globally. As a responsible entity operating in a sustainable manner, the Group has defined the principles of the efficient use of natural resources, as well as the promotion of ecological responsibility among its employees and Partners.

Management of the environmental areaClimate change and the Group’s long-term business prospectsImpact on the local environment and biodiversityNature conservation in the supply chain

9 | Employee issues in the Budimex Group

Creating a friendly, stable and safe workplace are Budimex’s priorities as an employer. The Group implements a number of projects meeting the development needs of employees, advocating equal opportunities or supporting the development of women in the construction industry.

Work atmosphere and development of employees

10 | Social issues in the Budimex Group

The Budimex Group attaches great importance to cooperation with local communities and limiting the impact of its activities on the immediate environment. It wants to be a good neighbour, contributing to the improvement of the living conditions of the beneficiaries of the implemented investments. The Group also conducts sponsorship and charity activities – locally and nationally.

Social impact of the Budimex GroupBudimex SA dla społeczeństwa
zag. połeczne

About the report

Information on reporting

This Non-Financial Report for 2022 is the Company’s sixth such report. The report has been prepared on the basis of an internally developed model based on the Company’s long-standing experience in consolidated reporting on business, non-financial and financial information.



Full non-financial data for the Capital Group and for Budimex S.A. are presented in the schedule. The full version of the 2022 Non-Financial Report is also available.

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