Employment structure

Employee issues in the Budimex Group

Employment structure

Employees of the Budimex Group
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The number of employees in the Budimex Group as at 31 December 2022 amounted to 7,022 persons employed on employment contracts, with specified and indefinite terms. Thus, it was higher by 1.2% compared to the previous year.
The employment structure in 2022 and changes in relation to previous years are presented in the table below. Expanded data on the employment structure as at 31 December 2022 can be found in the Appendix.

Table 25. Employees on permanent and fixed-term contracts year-on-year in the Budimex Group.

Due to changes in the assignment of stations to categories, middle management and other employees, the data in the tables broken down by grade may not be partially comparable year-on-year (during the reporting period, the Company implemented a new position tariff). For this reason, year-on-year comparable data is published in the table above. Employment details by grade are published only for the status as at 31 December 2022.

Table 26. Employment structure in the Budimex Group in 2022.

Table 27. Admission of new employees in the Budimex Group.

Table 28. Employee departures in the Budimex Group.

The Capital Group does not have a defined number of days required to notify changes in employment conditions. The number depends on the nature of the individual processes. Changes to individual working conditions are made before they come into force. Internal regulations are modified within the regulatory deadlines (e.g. mandatory 2 weeks for entry into force). Good practices adopted by the Capital Group, however, assume that any change is preceded by a communication action, including, as a rule, the organisation of additional briefing meetings, the preparation of information materials and question-and-answer documents, for the sake of clarity and transparency. For example, in July and August 2022, Budimex was in the process of amending bonus regulations for a group of approximately 1,000 employees. Ten briefing meetings were organised before these changes came into force.

The notice period of the Collective Bargaining Agreement to which Budimex SA is subject is indicated in the Collective Bargaining Agreement (3 months). In 2022, Budimex SA agreed with the Trade Union on changes to the position table, which were implemented by Additional Protocol No. 1

Employment ratios for the parent company Budimex SA are available in the appendices to this report.

Table 29. Net turnover indicator for employees under employment agreements for a definite and indefinite period of time in the Budimex Group.