Value chain of the Budimex Group

Strategy of the Budimex Group

Value chain of the Budimex Group

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Budimex Capital Group provides a wide range of construction and assembly services performed under the general contracting system in Poland and abroad. It is also involved in production and offers design services, machine and laboratory rentals, municipal waste management, comprehensive road maintenance and building maintenance services. .

The companies of the Budimex Group operate on the Polish, German, Slovakian and Czech markets..

Sectors of activity of the Capital Group companies

As part of their construction activities, Budimex SA, Budimex Kolejnictwo SA and Budimex Budownictwo Sp. z o.o. carry out tasks in all market segments, starting from road, bridge, railway and hydrotechnical infrastructure, through housing facilities, to complex power and industrial projects.

The most common types of entities in the Budimex SA value chain are:

Both public and private entities participate in the contracts performed by Budimex SA.

Mostostal Kraków SA specialises in the execution and assembly of steel structures and devices for the cement and lime, energy, metallurgy and chemical industries, as well as offering design services. Mostostal Kraków SA sells its goods on the Polish market and supplies steel structures to customers abroad. In 2022, the company’s constructions were shipped to Germany, the UK, France, Hungary and Greece.

The most common types of entities in the Budimex SA value chain are::

The companies of the FBSerwis Group, as part of their activities, deal with waste management, provide comprehensive services for the maintenance of road infrastructure and the management of lighting infrastructure and building maintenance.

The most common types of entities in the FBSerwis supply chain are::

Customers of FBSerwis Group Companies are public and private entities, including, in particular: road administrators, local governments (cities, municipalities, districts), retail chains, logistics and distribution centres, building owners/ administrators, and individual customers (including entrepreneurs of various scales of activity, including microentrepreneurs) in the field of waste collection. Budimex Bau GmbH started acquiring construction contracts on the German market in 2021, and under the newly established entities – Budimex Construction Prague s.r.o. and Budimex Slovakia s.r.o. – the Group is expanding its activities, including on the Czech and Slovak markets.

Budimex Slovakia and Budimex Construction Prague have no significant operating activities in 2022. Circular Construction SA is a new company in the Budimex Capital Group, which was established in 2022 and operates in the field of broadly understood recycling: collection, storage and processing of waste for reuse. The company’s area of particular interest is construction waste.

In 2022, Budimex SA acquired 100 per cent of the shares of Magnolia Energy, a company with a business model of generating green energy from RES through a wind system. The company’s main service suppliers are actors in the purchase, supply and installation of wind turbines and a supplier of civil works accompanying the construction of wind farms.

Significant business relationships

Ferrovial Group, which owns 50.14 per cent of the Budimex Group, is a key strategic partner of the company. The Spanish Group emphasises sustainable development, supported by a portfolio of long-term, high-quality investments. The long-standing cooperation provides Budimex SA with unique opportunities for growth and the exchange of expertise. In 2022, the Budimex Group entered into agreements on business cooperation with partners from the energy sector – Bechtel and Westinghouse (USA), as well as Doosan (South Korea) and Boygues Travaux Publics SAS (France). Budimex SA has also established a business relationship with Elocity for the provision and management of vehicle charging station sites.