Values of the Budimex Group

Strategy of the Budimex Group

Values of the Budimex Group

The Management Board of Budimex SA undertakes actions aimed at the continuous growth of the company’s value for all shareholders and defines directions of development, although it has not formalised it in the form of a strategy document. In the perspective of the next financial year, the Budimex Group’s activities will be focused on increasing the margins of the held portfolio of orders and gaining new profitable construction contracts, including on foreign markets. In the longterm, the Management Board of Budimex SA will aim to diversify the activities of the Budimex Group in terms of both the construction segment (e.g. increasing the presence in the railway and hydrotechnical market segments) and the service segment (managing new fractions of precipitation and increasing processing capacity), as well as the development of renewable energy sources (RES) activities by building its own portfolio of RES systems.

The mission of Budimex SA is to implement construction investments in a manner compatible with the market leader status, with respect for the natural environment and the principles of ethics, as well as care for customer satisfaction and user comfort. Budimex SA achieves this through professionalism, passion for construction, high operating efficiency and partner relationships with suppliers and subcontractors..

The main mission of the Budimex Group is to implement construction investments in line with the sustainable development principles. The values adopted as foundations of operations in the Budimex Group result from the assumptions of the CSR Strategy for 2021–2023 of Budimex SA and are consistent with the key ESG areas. Particular diligence in ethical conduct, care for OHS issues, optimisation of the impact on the environment and ensuring customer satisfaction and service quality are achieved through professionalism resulting from experience and passion for construction. Relationships with business partners, subcontractors and suppliers constitute an undoubtedly important value for the Budimex Group. Experience and diversity resulting from these relationships constantly enrich the organisational culture of the Budimex Group.

Budimex SA strives to continuously develop and achieve the best results. The organisation is oriented towards new, more ambitious and complex goals. The dynamic business and economic environment even forces us to act even faster, even more efficiently and oriented towards further successes. In order to function efficiently, Budimex SA has a specific set of attitudes, behaviours and skills called the competence model, which corresponds to current business and social requirements. According to the competency model, each station is described by 4 key competencies: inspiring trust, cooperation, results orientation and nurturing innovation, as well as job competencies specific to each grade level. Each competence is described by specific behaviours, making them more easily discernible in everyday work, which in turn enables conscious efforts to improve them.