Impact on the local environment and biodiversity

Climate changes and the environment

Impact on the local environment and biodiversity

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Budimex SA seeks to minimise its impact on the local environment and biodiversity by carrying out a number of activities related to the protection of plant and animal species and noise reduction. Work is carried out in accordance with the standards applicable to each company.

Below are examples of the standards of Budimex SA:


storing hazardous waste in an environmentally safe manner;


safe handling of liquid fuels during transport, storage and refuelling of equipment and vehicles;


safe handling of hazardous substances during the transport, storage and use of these substances;


equipping construction sites with an environmental kit to deal efficiently with minor spills and leaks in order to prevent environmental pollution;


organisation of works causing emission of dust into the air in order to reduce dust nuisance;


organisation of work generating noise emissions to reduce noise nuisance;


organisation of works causing vibration to reduce vibration nuisance;


organisation of works in proximity to still and flowing waters in order to make works in a river bed or in the basin of a lake, pond or sea as well as on the shoreline of watercourses and reservoirs safe for the aquatic environment;


organisation of drainage works from temporary drains to protect standing and flowing waters from pollution discharged with groundwater and surface water (e.g. emission of suspended solids);


cleaning vehicle wheels of mud and devices contaminated with concrete, cement-lime mixtures or gypsum in a manner that is safe for the aquatic and groundwater environment;


ensuring that trees and shrubs are effectively protected from damage or destruction during construction works;


ensuring effective protection and minimising losses to amphibian populations during construction work;


clearly and comprehensibly marking waste collection sites, environmental protection infrastructure and environmental monitoring sites.

Permanent environmental monitoring is carried out on selected sites.