Due diligence and human rights

Due diligence and human rights

Due diligence and human rights

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This section describes the due diligence procedures within the Budimex Group. This section of the report is a summary of the existing policies and procedures in this area, as well as the Group’s impact on human rights and other relevant topics highlighted in the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises.

By including the above information, we aim to make it accessible to its recipients, especially stakeholders looking for ways to raise concerns or doubts within the Budimex Group.

The information published in this chapter corresponds with the assessment of the Budimex Group’s compliance with the Minimum Safeguards.

Some of the documents mentioned in this chapter, including but not limited to procedures and instructions, are internal in nature. More information on the Budimex Group’s activities can be found in other sections of the report, as well as in the dialogue processes conducted with local communities.

In 2022, two environmental administrative fines – each of PLN 10,000 (PLN 20,000 in total) – were imposed on us by a final decision.