Budimex SA for the society

Social issues in the Budimex Group

Budimex SA for the society

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The Budimex Group is actively involved in sponsorship and charity activities. The document regulating this area of the company’s activities is the ‘Instruction for Approval of Sponsorship Projects, Patronages and Donations’.

In 2022, the Budimex Group was active in a number of sponsorship and charity programmes and activities. In 2022, we continued the implementation of socio-cultural and educational projects by supporting the following initiatives:

  • The ‘Diamond Explorers’ scholarship programme, aimed at providing financial support to talented and effective groups of young people to give them the opportunity to participate in prestigious international and national scientific and technical contests, in particular in such fields as technology, engineering, design, industrial design, mathematics and management,
  • The Demos Foundation, which helps young people in a difficult life situation. This organisation provides premises for educational, therapeutic and sports activities. It organises workshops for youth leaders and scholarship programmes,
  • Support for education in regions combatting poverty – purchase of school equipment, support for summer holidays and organisation of educational tournaments in the Warmia- Masuria, Masovian, Podlaskie and Łódź Voivodeships,
  • Support for voluntary fire brigades in the Łódź and Podkarpacie Voivodeships,
  • Support for voluntary fire brigades in the Łódź and Podkarpacie Voivodeships,
  • Foundation’s support: ‘Nobody is left behind’, ‘Stare Powązki’, ‘Inter-school Sports Club Wola. in Warsaw’, ‘Children’s Friends Society in Warsaw’, ‘MRKS Czechowice-Dziedzice’, ‘Integration JP II’ in Łódź, ‘Demos’ in Kraków and ‘Prince Józef Poniatowski’:

The total of all donations made by Budimex SA in 2022 is PLN 1,945,000, and the total number of projects is 44. The entire capital group donated PLN 2,177,000 in the form of donations.

No cases of socio-economic non-compliance were identified in 2022, and therefore no penalties were imposed on Budimex Group companies.