Raw materials and waste

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Raw materials and waste

Raw Materials

In 2022. a change was made in the reporting approach to the list of raw materials purchased. resulting from the standardisation of a communication standard. focused on the closed loop economy and preparation for future reporting in line with the ESRS (European Sustainability Reporting Standard). The raw materials and construction products most commonly used in the construction process are cement. steel. asphalts. aggregates and concrete. The Company aims to maximise the use of secondary raw materials from waste processing (e.g. rubble. ballast. soil and earth. asphalt waste). These activities are part of the European trend towards a closed loop economy.

Table 15. Raw materials and materials used by Budimex SA.

The main raw material for the structures manufactured by the Company is steel. Steel consumption is monitored and increases in line with Mostostal Kraków SA’s order book. The consumption of this raw material is shown in Table No. 16.

Table 16. Raw materials and materials used by Mostostal Kraków

Over the course of 2022. consumption of the Company’s key raw material. steel. increased by 27%. relative to 2021. due to a larger order portfolio and the stage of work in progress.

Due to the business model in the FB Serwis Group. which involves the processing of waste in installations. raw materials and construction products specific to the Budimex Group were not used in 2022.