Management of conflicts of interests

Due diligence and human rights

Management of conflicts of interests

One of the important areas in the Budimex Group is the management of conflicts of interests,which takes place through the application of appropriate policies. Conflict of interest management is also an important issue in Area S (Social) of the Budimex Group CSR Strategy 2021–2023.

Issues related to the management of conflicts of interests are regulated in the Code of Ethics of the Budimex Group. Moreover, there are also Operational Instructions regulating:

  • rules for participation in sponsored events and other activities that may involve a conflict of interest,
  • giving and receiving gifts,
  • rules for informing about the employment of persons related to the employee.

Conflict of interest issues are discussed as part of compliance training conducted at Budimex SA In order to effectively manage the risk related to conflicts of interests, the Group plans further works on policies and guidelines for employees whose objective is to minimise the risk of occurrence of negative effects of conflicts of interests.