Actions and implementations in connection with the assessment of human rights risks and impacts

Due diligence and human rights

Actions and implementations in connection with the assessment of human rights risks and impacts

Responsibilities for specific risk areas are assigned at the level of experts, managers and directors. It is their responsibility to identify risks from the risk register and to assess and prioritise them – taking into account the involvement of stakeholders, including groups exposed to negative impacts.

The procedure integrates the results of the assessment of human rights risks and impacts with the procedure for prevention or remediation actions in case of identified significant negative impacts on human rights.

The Budimex Group has in place, covering its supply chain, a system to prevent and mitigate impacts and implement remediation actions for significant human rights impacts:


The subcontractor undergoes a pre-qualification process, e.g. in terms of employment and contractual conditions.


During the qualification process, the subcontractor confirms that it respects labour rights, which is verified at a later stage of the cooperation.


Employees of subcontractors are subject to verification that they have attended either periodic or initial health and safety training, thus confirming proper employment practice with subcontractors.


Construction sites and other entities are audited by an independent Internal Audit Office.


Subcontractors’ activities in terms of the need to respect human rights are regulated by internal regulations and contracts, including in the document ‘Rules of conduct for contractors of Budimex SA’ and in the Code of Ethics.

The Budimex Group conducts its activities and establishes business relations with respect to the principles of fair competition.

Verification of compliance with the law and the absence of human rights violations is also carried out in cooperation with external stakeholders, e.g. border guards.

No negative impacts on human rights or other violations in this area have been identified,detected or reported under the existing risk and impact assessment system.