Identification and assessment of risks and impacts related to human rights

Due diligence and human rights

Identification and assessment of risks and impacts related to human rights

The Budimex Group has a process in place to identify risks and impacts covering the topic of human rights in relation to its own operations and significant business relationships, including in key elements of the supply chain. The Group has an appropriate procedure in place in this regard to allow for their regular monitoring.

Risk management is carried out on the basis of the internal procedure ‘PO-01-06 – Risk Management Procedure’. It includes stakeholder consultations involving internal experts representing the various business areas

Dialogue with the relevant stakeholder at risk o negative impacts is undertaken reactively and on an individual basis – through the contrac communication process, which is described in the Policy for Cooperation with Local Communities

In addition, there is regular communication with trade unions. 

Entities identify risks and compile a risk register – in accordance with Appendix 8-01. 

Human rights risks are identified in terms of formal and legal solutions, personal data protection, information protection, protection of employee rights and occupational health and safety, in the area of purchasing, as well as in operational activities on executed contracts. 

The procedure for regular identification of risks and impacts on human rights is automatically triggered when new business relationships are established. 

Budimex has a due diligence process in place for entities defined as consortium partners. 

Business partners complete a syndicate partner questionnaire – constituting Appendix ‘IO-01-05- 11-Z01’ to Operational Instruction No. IO-01-05-11 ‘Business partner due diligence’.

In the contract templates used, Budimex reserves the right to verify the contractor’s application of the ‘Rules of conduct for contractors of Budimex SA’.