Protection of water resources/

Climate changes and the environment

Protection of water resources

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The management of water resources at Budimex SA constitutes one of the important issues managed under the CSR Strategy for 2021–2023. The demand and actual consumption of water resources depend to a large extent on the nature and stage of the implementation of contracts on which construction works are carried out in the balance sheet period. Water consumption is shown in Table No. 22 Water and wastewater.

Water is abstracted for domestic purposes of the Company’s employees and service suppliers and is consumed as raw material in production and technological processes.

The main source of water intake is the existing local water supply networks. There are also situations where water is abstracted from the company’s own intakes on the basis of held permits under the Water Law. Collected rainwater is also used, as well as sporadic surface water.

The protection of water resources is carried out on the basis of:

  • activities in line with the requirements of the environmental management system,
  • internal documentation, e.g. Environmental Task Plan for each implemented investment, which is an integral part of the Safety and Health Plan,
  • obtaining the legally required permits under the Water Law,
  • verification of the implemented policy by collecting data necessary for the preparation of statistics, reports, internal and legally required report

Water consumption results from the day-to-day operation of the Company’s headquarters, the Steel Structures Plant and the back offices of construction sites.

The protection of water resources is carried out on the basis of:

  • activities that are in compliance with the Company’s ‘Integrated Management System Policy’;
  • internal documentation, i.e. Safety and Health plans, in which water abstraction is taken into account;
  • when planning and carrying out work in the vicinity of watercourses, precautions are taken in accordance with the internal standard – ‘Securing watercourses’.

Water abstraction for the operation of the facilities and the accompanying infrastructure is exclusively from the existing water supply network.