Business model of the Budimex Group

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Business model of the Budimex Group

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Budimex Group provides a wide range of construction and assembly services performed under the general contracting system in Poland and abroad. It manufactures products and offers services. Municipal waste management, comprehensive road maintenance, as well as building maintenance. Until May 24, 2021, i.e. until the sale of Budimex Nieruchomości Sp. z o.o, the Budimex Group also conducted real estate development and management activities

Changes in the Group’s operations in 2022 mainly included the cancellation of real estate development activities, the initiation of operations in foreign markets and the development of operations in the renewable energy segment.

As part of its construction activities, Budimex SA, Budimex Kolejnictwo SA and Budimex Budownictwo Sp. z o.o. carry out tasks in all market segments, starting from road, railway and hydrotechnical infrastructure, through housing facilities, to complex power and industrial projects. Mostostal Kraków SA specialises in the execution and assembly of steel structures and devices for the cement and lime, energy, metallurgy and chemical industries, as well as offering design services. The companies of the FBSerwis Group, in terms of service activities, deal with waste management, provide comprehensive road infrastructure maintenance services and lighting infrastructure management and building maintenance services.

The basic form of the company’s activity takes place through contracts. Each year, Budimex SA concurrently performs about 200 contracts, the FBSerwis Group about 120 contracts, and Mostostal Kraków SA about 40 contracts.

Budimex’s SA construction activities are carried out primarily in Poland and, on a limited scale, also on foreign markets. For nearly 60 years, there has been the German Market Branch, with operational activities focused on subcontracting services for German companies in the scope of; production of prefabricated reinforced concrete elements, production of prefabricated elements for general and engineering construction, reinforcement works, production of steel structures (for power plants, bridge construction, halls, containers, tanks and machines). Budimex Bau GmbH, started to acquire construction contracts on the German market, and under the newly established entities – Budimex Construction Prague s.r.o. and Budimex Slovakia s.r.o. – the Group is also expanding its activities on the Czech and Slovak markets.

The Budimex Group makes every effort to complete the entrusted tasks on time, while maintaining high standards of safety and work quality. Its long-standing experience in the construction area enables the company to offer a full range of works in the general contracting system.

The key materials in the Budimex Group, in all areas related to sustainable development management, are the following documents. Descriptions of individual rules and policies can be found in the relevant thematic chapters.


Compliance Policy


Code of Ethics for Employees of the Budimex Group


Ferrovial Group Code of Ethics


Anti-Corruption Policy


Human Rights Protection Policy


Diversity Policy


Code of Conduct for Contractors of Budimex SA


Counteracting mobbing and discrimination


Rules for informing about the employment of persons related to the employee


Principles for dealing with suspected breaches of the Compliance Policy and for countering breache


Rules of Conduct in Case of Offering Financial Benefits to an Employee and in Case of Taking Attempts to Intimidate Them


Rules for participation in, giving and receiving gifts at sponsored events and other events with a conflict of interest nature


Approval of Sponsorship Projects, Patronage, Donations and Grants


Due Diligence of Business Part


Money laundering and terrorist financing prevention