Raw materials and waste

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Raw materials and waste

I. The use of raw materials and materials

 Budimex Group*Budimex S.A.
Raw material / materialUM20202020
concrete and mortarm3821,789.77821,789.77
hydraulic bindersm333,882.1533,882.15
steelt404 191,33394,806.33
tracks/ railsm225,687.94225,687.94
hydro-technical stonet31,738.2931,738.29
railway breakstonet329,673.34329,673.34
natural aggregate (sand + gravel)t3,354,808.783,354,808.78
other aggregatet2,336,069.292,336,069.29
wooden railway sleeperspcs.7,193.007,193.00
prestressed concrete railway sleeperspcs.239,331.00239,331.00
lime dustt19,816.6019,816.60
coal dustt11,221.9411,221.94

*Data for the Budimex Group include the following companies: Budimex S.A., Mostostal Kraków S.A., FBSerwis S.A.

II. Consumption of raw materials for reuse

 Budimex S.A.   
Category of recovered raw materialUM2017201820192020
combustion by-products (UPS)thousands of tonnes20.076.03 --
Soilthousands of tonnes1380.21706.5186.6623023.92
rubblethousands of tonnes91.9944.32 24,4730.52
crushed asphaltthousands of tonnes66.0564.77 31,56-
aggregatesthousands of tonnes8.690 --
track ballastthousands of tonnes65.7939.24 0,2916.04

IIIa. Fuel and electricity consumption

Source of energy and energy-producing raw materials*UMBudimex Group*  Budimex S.A.  
diesel oilGJ370,560.04539,988.79523,052.87356,849.89426,396.15403,487.63
light fuel oilGJ41,244.0224,052.1217,639.7240,791.5923,618.3315,919.76
heavy fuel oil (LSC)GJ012.440000
electrical energyGJ96,809.3291,329.1299,483.26 85794,2866,335.1471,884.54
electrical energy from renewable sourcesGJ24,742.079,157.9315,905.3324,742.079,821.2115,905.33
heat energyGJ41,585.9741,293.0751,542.4441,291.2940,135.4651,542.44
coal dustGJ461,873.80292,849.28232,294.17461,873.80292,849.28232,294.17
Network Natural GasGJ19,457.2628,995.139,399.438,411.479,516.401,684.89
 Toe (tonnes of oil equivalent)25,897.4722,891.4123,506.9224,855.3221,291.6019,844.26

*Data for the Budimex Group include the following companies: Budimex S.A., Mostostal Kraków S.A., FBSerwis S.A.

IIIb. Purchase of energy from renewable sources

Use of renewable energy Budimex S.A.     
 UM2017201820192020Zmiana 2019/2018Zmiana 2020/2019
purchase of renewable energyGJ24,253.8722,537.889,649.2515,905.30 -57,2%64.83%
production of renewable energyGJ11.4570.62160.66126.59127.50%-21.21%
total:GJ24,265.3222,608.509,809.9116,031.89 -56,6%63.43%
reduction of CO2 (purchase)tonnes5,469.255,082.292,175.902,995.07 -57,2%37.65%
reduction of CO2 (production)tonnes2.5815.9236.2323.84 127,6%-34.20%
total:tonnes5,471.835,098.222,212.133,018.91 -56,6%36.47%

IV. Emission of CO2

CO2­e emissionUMMostostal Kraków S.A.  Budimex Nieruchomości Sp. z o.o.  FBSerwis S.A.* Budimex S.A.**  
direct emission (scope 1tonnes1,481.601,348.451,235.98599.381,108.83no data6,754.828,145.7076,474.8064,041.4079,645.38
indirect emission (scope 2)tonnes1,570.911,322.762,010.43775.81,226.18no data2,995.103,186.5919,330.6914,958.5715,659.49
total:tonnes3,052.512,671.213,246.411,375.182,335.01no data9,749.9211,332.3095,805.4978,999.9766,850.08
efficiencytonne/PLN million***--------13.5110.7612.69

*Data for 2019 concerning the FB Serwis Group are estimates for the beginning of February 2020 and were not verified by an independent auditor.
**Emissions for 2020 calculated using the market-based method, i.e. the specific emission indicators were assumed for known energy suppliers. For other entities and years, the Budimex Group assumed average rates for Poland.
***refers to the production value

V. Total water extraction

Water consumptionWater consumptionUMBudimex Group* Budimex S.A. 
water by sourcewater from the networkm3324,370.69197,848.22217,982.99167,088.71
 underground waterm32,951.001,661.00875.00908.00
 surface waterm30.

*Data for the Budimex Group include the following companies: Budimex S.A., Mostostal Kraków S.A., FBSerwis S.A

VI. Waste

Main waste by type Budimex Group* Budimex S.A. 
  weight (tonnes)weight (tonnes)weight (tonnes)weight (tonnes)
hazardous waste, including:     
waste codewaste type    
07 01 03*organic halogenated solvents, washing liquids and mother liquors0.23900.2390
08 01 11*waste paint and varnish containing organic solvents or other hazardous substances5.6874.197 00.107
08 03 18waste printing toner other than those mentioned in 08 03 1700.02100
13 02 05*mineral engine oils, gear oils and lubricating oils00.2800
13 02 08*other engine oils, gear oils and lubricating oils2.8212.522.824.8
13 05 08mixtures of waste from grit chambers and oil/water separator05.0500
14 06 03*other solvents and solvent mixtures00 -0
15 01 10*packaging containing residues of hazardous substances22.98510.4419.1056.08
15 01 11*high pressure packaging0.8490 0,8490
15 02 02*sorbents, filter materials and protective clothing contaminated by hazardous substances20.9123.7619.1722.22
16 01 07*oil filters0.3130.590.2830.59
16 02 13*discarded equipment containing hazardous elements0.3841.530.2640
16 05 06*laboratory and analytical chemicals (e.g. chemical agents)0.0940.1970.0940.2
16 81 01*waste displaying hazardous properties0.500.50
17 02 04*glass, plastic and wood waste containing or contaminated with dangerous substances (e.g. wooden railway sleepers)780.8341353.4780.8341353.4
17 05 03*soil and stones containing hazardous substances773.32139.7772.32139.7
17 06 05*building materials containing asbestos51.343.1151.343.11
17 09 03*other construction, renovation and demolition waste (including mixed waste) containing hazardous substances00.055-0.06
non-hazardous waste, including:    
waste codewaste type    
01 04 12waste from washing and cleaning of minerals495.540495.540
07 02 99waste not otherwise specified1.211.2300
12 01 01ferrous metal filings and turnings29.4119.6500
12 01 02ferrous dust and particles124.5224.2600
12 01 13welding waste1.472.050.90
12 01 21used grinding bodies and grinding materials3.51.492.70
15 01 01paper and cardboard packaging78.1610166.6876.4628.92
15 01 02plastic packaging51.516222.3650.9255.1
15 01 03wood packaging279.3634.66279.3625.84
15 01 04metal packaging03133.6100
15 01 05composite packagingno data2171.3no datano data
15 01 06mixed packaging75.17121.3275.1448.79
15 01 07glass packaging0.426258.320.420
15 02 03sorbents, filter materials, wiping cloths (e.g. rugs, towels)27.680.160.97
16 01 03used tyres3.53378.893.5329.11
16 01 19plastics03506.85
16 01 20glass0.240.2710.240.27
16 02 14discarded equipment1.496.451.41.39
16 02 16components removed from discarded equipment0.110.1110.110
16 06 05other batteries and accumulators00.06800
17 01 01concrete waste and concrete rubble62916.3235956.7762904.635954.77
17 01 02brick rubble24497.8610481.3124497.8610478.47
17 01 03waste of other ceramic materials and equipment elements28.2887.4828.2887.48
17 01 07mixed concrete waste, brick rubble, waste ceramic materials24583.1320822.8324567.1820687.68
17 01 81waste from road repairs and reconstructions55286.924861.0155286.924631.85
17 01 82waste not otherwise specified30.1420.4830.1420.48
17 02 01wood3759.89968.673759.89968.67
17 02 02glass39.04039.040
17 02 03plastics67.2484.03567.2465.64
17 03 02bituminous mixtures2261.4238673.792261.4238 673,69
17 03 80waste tar5319.4319.845319.4319.84
17 04 02aluminiumno data0.384no datano data
17 04 05iron and steel1706.641559.34374.78691.15
17 04 11cables08.8208.82
17 05 04soil and stones, other than those mentioned in 17 05 03no data5754128.86no data5754128.86
17 05 08track ballast50025.4876738.5450025.4876738.54
17 06 04insulation materials745.28126.14738.06121.45
17 09 04mixed construction, renovation and demolition waste9091.558375.2 9085,098291.98
19 05 03off-specification compost (unsuitable for use)no data58570.63no datano data
ex 19 05 03off-specification compost (unsuitable for use)no data1132.88no datano data
19 05 99waste not otherwise specifiedno data62347.784no datano data
19 12 02ferrous metalsno data704.55no datano data
19 12 04plastics and rubberno data7801.24no datano data
19 12 05glassno data2076.72no datano data
19 12 07wood other than that mentioned in 19 12 06.no data14.74no datano data
19 12 10combustible waste (alternative fuel)no data63777.28no datano data
19 12 12waste from mechanical waste treatment0136966.6700
20 01 36discarded electrical and electronic equipment other than that mentioned in 20 01 21, 20 01 23 and 20 01 35no data48no datano data
20 02 01biodegradable wasteno data63.64no datano data
20 03 01mixed municipal wasteno data1350.59no datano data
20 03 03street-cleaning residuesno data3034.97no datano data
20 03 06waste from sewer manholesno data11.52no datano data
20 03 07bulky wasteno data3385.84no datano data

*Data for the Budimex Group include the following companies: Budimex S.A., Mostostal Kraków S.A., FBSerwis S.A.