2020Integrated report

Letter from the President

It was a special year for all of us. Despite the pandemic, Budimex Group ended 2020 with sales revenue of over 8.3 billion. Sales exceeded our expectations and forecasts.

President of the Management Board of Budimex SA
Dariusz Blocher

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About company

Budimex Group is the unquestionable leader of the construction market. The company’s experience, potential and resources allow it to carry out almost 300 road and rail infrastructure projects, public utility projects and industrial projects every year.

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Budimex pursues its mission with respect for the environment and ethics, as well as great attention to the satisfaction of customers and the comfort of users.

Market environment and growth perspectives
Awards and distinctions
R&D projects
Supply chain

Financial results Budimex Group

In 2020, Budimex Group increased its profits twice: from PLN 226 to 459 million, which gave us profitability of 5.5%, which means a 2.5 percentage point increase as compared to 2019.

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Contribution to infrastructure development and innovation culture

Significant investments completed in 2020.

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LCS Idzikowice for PKP PLK
The Racibórz Dolny Reservoir for PGW Wody Polskie
Railway line Lublin LOT C along the Dęblin – Nałęczów for PKP PLK
TDT Office Building for Transport Technical Supervision
Communication Center for the City of Kielce
Alchemium for Lodz University of Technology
The Monopolis office and cultural center in Łódź for Virako Sp. z o. o.
Railway station in Białystok for PKP S.A.

Sustainable development

Caring for the environment is not just a sign of good will, it is also a duty and an integral element of running a business. Before work begins, every project in which Budimex S.A. is involved is strictly evaluated with regard to environmental risks and the methods of mitigating them.