The contribution to socio-economic development of Poland does not concern only the tangible effects of the executed contracts, but also the innovative ideas that are developed by the Budimex Group.

In 2020, the company participated in the following projects co-financed from EU and national funds:

  • SeHePa – development and implementation of innovative self-healing asphalt pavement technology of high durability; The project valued at PLN 4,020,928.27 (carried out by Budimex S.A. and the Warsaw University of Technology) involves the development of a technology to produce an intelligent additive for road asphalt which will be in an inactive state under certain conditions of use of the asphalt road surface, but which, as a result of the appearance of micro-cracks in the asphalt binder, will become active and repair (close) them. The project will result in increased durability of asphalt roads, extending the periods between renovations and lowering the costs of road use.
  • SAFEWAY – infrastructure management system, supporting the response to extreme events on trans-European transport networks (TEN-T). The purpose of the project, valued at EUR 4,521,100, carried out by an international consortium, is to design and implement methods, strategies and tools aimed at increasing the strength of land transport infrastructure. It includes research on climate and weather phenomena, fires, seismic risk, high temperatures and others. The implementation of the project will contribute to the improvement of safety of the transport infrastructure, and establish the basis for the development of tools for predicting and mitigating effects of extreme events in all types of road disasters.
  • BIMERR – development of a package of tools supplementing the BIM technology, supporting the energy renovation process of existing residential buildings. The project, valued at EUR 6,933,320, involves the building information modelling and its main purpose is to help stakeholders involved in the thermal upgrading process in the area of AEC (architecture, engineering and construction) through the design and development of a new set of tools – from concept to delivery. Budimex S.A., in the course of the BBIMERR project, supported the use of BIM technology as, on the one hand, a tool for cost optimisation and, on the other hand, offering added value to the client and seeking solutions that enable the implementation of investments that meet the criteria of certificates, such as BREEM or LEED.
  • InRaNoS (BRIK) – innovative solutions aimed at protecting people and the environment from noise caused by railway traffic. The project with a value of PLN 3,885,865 will develop prototypes of devices installed in the railway surface, which will limit vibrations and noise emission caused by railway traffic, rail dampers.
  • InRaViS (BRIK) – innovative solutions aimed at protecting people and buildings from vibrations caused by railway traffic. The aim of the project valued at PLN 7,300,726.83, is the development of four products intended for ballast (sub-ballast vibroinsulation mats and sub-sleeper pads) and non-ballast (sub-slab vibroinsulation mats and system of block rail supports in the cover) structures of track superstructure.
  • CONCERT – CONfigurable CollaborativE Robot Technologies. This is a new three-year project worth EUR 2,998,432.50 implemented by Budimex S.A. as part of an international consortium. Its purpose is to develop modular robots intended to perform or support works at construction sites, especially where the works performed are burdensome or dangerous to employees.

In 2020, for the second year in a row, Budimex S.A. became involved in the municipal acceleration programme “WARSAW booster’20” carried out for the capital city of Warszawa by the following foundations: MOST, Startup Hub Poland and Coalition for Polish Innovations. The aim of the project is the support of young local technology companies in establishing relations with the municipal authorities and companies operating in Warszawa.

The company also launched the Innovation Zone – a special platform for employees for management of the process of reporting, assessment and implementation of ideas for improvements and innovation.

Main objectives of the Innovation Zone:

gathering ideas

in one place

recording projects

implemented by the company (including R&D discounts)

improving the effectiveness of

analyses and implementation of innovative projects

automation of alerts

to people involved in the assessment and implementation of innovations

enabling a comparative analysis of

the effectiveness of innovations and improvements

archiving information

and data for the analysis of collected ideas, their percentage progress and the areas they apply to

Innovation projects in Budimex:

2019 2020
expenditure on R&D (with consideration of own expenditure and obtained subsidies, in PLN thousand) 2.101 14.91
number of employees involved in innovative projects 54 177