Since the inception of Budimex in 1968, thousands of kilometres of local, national, express and motorway roads have been created or modernised with its participation. The company contributes to the development of railway infrastructure, and its contribution to the social and economic development of the country also includes thousands of constructed apartments, industrial and residential facilities, including technical infrastructure. Budimex executes all the projects entrusted to it with the utmost care, and owing to its unique know-how and constantly developing competences, the process of their implementation is ever shorter and less burdensome for the environment.

In 2020, the following investments implemented by the company received certificates of sustainable construction:

  • extension, reconstruction and renovation of the Home Army Soldiers of the II Region "Celków" Elementary School no. 2 with the Integration Departments in Marki at ul. Szkolna 9 – BREEAM certificate, level Good,
  • 2BC8 – Education and Recreation Centre in Marki– BREEAM certificate, level Very Good,
  • Construction of Lidl Mińsk Mazowiecki distribution centre in Kałuszyn, LEED certificate, Gold level.

Significant investments made in 2020

Infrastructure construction

S5 Wronczyn – Kościan

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The works on the section of the S5 expressway with a length of 18.9 km were finished by Budimex S.A. a month before the deadline – a modern road connected Poznań and Wrocław. 22 engineering facilities and 2 road junctions were created as part of the project conducted under the “design and build” mode: Czempin and Kościan Północ. Two service points – ‘Kokorzyn’ and ‘Sierakowo’ – as well as a network of technical and access roads were established along the route as well. Approximately 2.5 million m3 of earthworks were carried out. 0.3 million tonnes of bituminous mass were laid. During the implementation of the investment, the company used innovative measurements made using photogrammetry with the use of drones, 3D models, traffic sensors, on-line monitoring, automated method of securing the construction site, as well as modernised process of weighing materials delivered to the construction site.

S7 Skarżysko-Kamienna Ring Road

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The investment included works on the nearly 8 km section of the S7 expressway (between the border of Świętokrzyskie and Masovian Voivodeships and Skarżysko-Kamienna), which connects the S7 expressway with the former route of national road No. 7, thus facilitating local traffic in the vicinity of Skarżysko Książęce. The Skarżysko-Kamienna Ring Road is the last Świętokrzyskie section of the S7 connecting Kielce with Warszawa and Kraków. Budimex S.A. built a dual carriageway with two lanes in each direction with a length of 7.6 km. Connection with the route is possible on two junctions: Skarżysko-Kamienna Północ and Skarżysko-Kamienna Zachód. 2 bridges, 6 road overpasses (five in the line of the S7 and one above the S7), 2 passages for medium and 5 for small animals and retaining walls from reinforced soil with a total area of 6400 m2 were constructed.


Racibórz Dolny flood protection tank

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The Racibórz Dolny tank was planned as a polder, which is a dry area that only fills with water in the event of flooding. The polder will contain the water in the event of a flood, protecting an area of approximately 600 km2, from Racibórz, through Kędzierzyn-Koźle, Brzeg, Opole, Oława to Wrocław.

Railway construction

Modernisation of LCS Kutno on the E-20

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The consortium of companies, in which Budimex S.A. was one of the partners, modernised the Kutno Local Control Centre (section of Żychlin – Barłogi) on the E-20 railway route. The company performed works on the section of the E-20 line from km 149.000 – to km 172.000, including the routes of Krzewie – Kłodawa, Kłodawa – Zamków and Barłogi – Koło, Kłodawa station, Zamków junction post and Barłogi station.

The reconstruction included disassembly of tracks, reinforcement of the subgrade and construction of a new surface, construction of a new catenary system and two new control rooms – in Kutno and Barłogi. A new computer railway traffic control system was installed at Kłodawa and Barłogi stations. Execution of works on the Zamków section – the border of LCS Kutno required the introduction of a complete closure of the line and railway traffic was rerouted. Additionally, during the works and line closures, substitute bus transport was introduced. The works on this section, thanks to proper organisation, involvement of the construction team and work 24 hours a day, were completed one week before the planned contractual deadline.

On the sections modernised as part of the E-20 line project completed by Budimex S.A., traffic travels at a speed of 160 km/h for passenger trains and 120 km/h for cargo trains. Due to line modernisation and traffic management from local control centres, line capacity increased and travel time between Poznań and Warszawa will be 2 hours 20 minutes, according to PKP PLK forecasts.

Warszawa Ring Railway Line

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At the request of PKP PLK, the consortium of companies led by Budimex S.A. reconstructed a small ring railway line, no. 20 in Warszawa. As part of the works, the company made 4 km of new track surface on the no. 20 two-track line on the Warszawa Zachodnia – Warszawa Gdańska section. During the project implementation, four railway stops were modernised and reconstructed: Warszawa Koło, Warszawa Zachodnia platform no. 8, Warszawa Wola and particularly important Warszawa Młynów, which is an interchange junction that connects railways, trams and Młynów – station on the second underground line. The reconstructed stops are equipped with: innovative lighting, facilities for the disabled (lifts, mobile stairs), CCTV monitoring system, and technological communication devices (wire and radio). Moreover, it included the catenary system, power and teletechnical networks, railway traffic control devices and 3 railway overpasses – over Kasprzaka St., Wolska St. and Obozowa St., and 2 pedestrian footbridges – at Prądzyńskiego St. and over Górczewska St. Within the framework of the reconstruction of engineering facilities, the stormwater and sanitary sewage system, gas and water supply system were modernised and a new local control centre building was built.

LCS Idzikowice in the Central Railway Route

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“Modernisation of Idzikowice station” is a contract performed by the consortium Budimex S.A. and KZA Lublin. The scope of works included: construction and modernisation of the track surface along with the subgrade and drainage, reconstruction of the catenary system and power network, construction of new railway traffic control devices, reconstruction of teletechnical networks and construction of a control room and extension of the emergency maintenance hangar for PKP PLK. The project was delivered under the Design and Build formula. Budimex S.A. delivered works under the project “Railway Line 4 Upgrade: Central Trunk Line Stage Two” (Modernizacja linii kolejowej nr 4 – Centralna Magistrala Kolejowa etap II), intended to retrofit one of the strategic Polish railway lines to the 250 km/h speed standard. To this end, the mainline tracks had 14 points installed with moving swing-nose crossings, with 10 at R=1200 and 4 at R=500. A total of 44 new points were installed at Idzikowice Station with 19 km of new tracks and 25 km of new catenary sections.

General construction

Railway station in Białystok

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Modernisation works of the historic railway station in Białystok began in November 2018. As part of the investment, the original interior decoration was restored, including elements such as: wall and ceiling decorations, cast iron columns and decorative floors. Thus, the interior of the facility refers to its appearance of 1910. The mezzanine made in the building during its previous modernisation and an annex from the 1980s were also demolished. Restoring the historical appearance of the facility by highlighting its architectural and historical values has been reconciled with full adaptation of the building to the needs of people with limited mobility, including travellers with disabilities. Budimex S.A. also reconstructed the nearest vicinity of the station, e.g. by planting decorative trees and bushes, as well as constructing new car parks and parking places, which made it more aesthetic and functional. Nearly 160 m2 of the roof surface of the building is occupied by a 24-kW photovoltaic system, and there is also a charging station for electric vehicles.

Communication Centre in Kielce

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The Communication Centre in Kielce is an interchange junction for city/suburban buses and car transport. This place will also become a centre for meetings and cultural and entertainment events. As part of its modernisation, Budimex S.A. installed decorative elements on roofs of all levels of the bus station, floors and small architecture inside the station and on the square in front of the building, as well as over 40 LED displays.

The transfer centre in Katowice

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It is one of the most important interchange junctions in Katowice, which serves long-distance buses, both domestic and international. A shelter of approx. 5 thousand m2 was built over the station, based on a steel structure weighing approx. 500 tonnes. Its roof is divided into 18 independent sections made of 775 panels with built-in LED strips and 70 skylights. Variable light intensity, depending on day time and weather conditions, is controlled automatically by using twilight sensors. An important part of the facility is also the passenger service building, in which there are waiting rooms for passengers, ticket offices, toilets and recesses for luggage cabinets. There is also a car park with an area of 1.5 thousand m2 intended for over 50 cars. As part of the works, a bicycle shelter, a staging area for buses, a taxi rank and a “kiss&drive” bay were also made.

R&D centre of PKN ORLEN in Płock

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The investment comprises 7 buildings, including an office building, a technical building with a laboratory, a reproduction and testing building, and an external warehouse with an installation for fuel mixing. The total surface area of the facility that meets the requirement of high technological advancement, adjusted to the research specificity of the refinery and petrochemical industry, is 8,500 m2.

Head office of the Transport Technical Inspection in Warszawa

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The new head office of the Transport Technical Inspection is located at the junction of Puławska and Bukowińska Streets. The investment fully complies with the implementation standards of Budimex S.A., combining functionality and quality with the visual layer. The modern design of the project is expressed in the body of the building, which is divided into two parts. The first, lower part, is a five-storey podium housing the conference and office facilities. The other part of the building is a 55 m, nineteen-floor tower with hotel rooms (from the 7th floor) featuring an impressive panoramic view of Warszawa’s skyline. Under the entire building is a two-storey underground car park with 121 parking places. The total area of the property is almost 24,000 m2.

Commercial construction

Aircraft Engine Test Cell Facility in Jasionka

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The Test Cell Aircraft Engine Test Facility building is designed to test one of the state-of-the-art aircraft engines, the Pratt & Whitney PW1000G. The tests will take place 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The dynamometer made by Budimex S.A. belongs to one of the quietest test chambers in the world and has the highest intake and exhaust stacks, filled with an array of sound dampers to cope even at full power of the jet engine. The construction was carried out at the request of the American company ASE AeroSystem, which specialises in the design and construction of jet engine dynamometers for and wind tunnels.

Monopolis in Łódź

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Monopolis is a complex of buildings located at the junction of two major streets – al. Piłsudskiego and ul. Kopcińskiego, near the Łódź Fabryczna railway station. The basic assumption of the project was to restore the coherence of the entire post-factory area of the Polmos spirits factory (Zakład Spirytusowy Polmos). Preparing the facilities for their new functions was as important as preserving their original appearance. Budimex S.A. performed the works in two stages. In the first stage, the buildings of the former vodka monopoly factory were restored and adapted to their new functions. In the second stage, an underground garage for buildings A2 and A3 was constructed and the structure of building A3 was reconstructed. The total usable area of buildings B2, B3, B4, B5, B6 as well as the gallery and museum of the former Polmos is 14,500 m2 (office area 6,000 m2). The facility received the “Real Estate Oscar” during the prestigious MIPIM Awards in Paris and an award in the “Architecture” category at the Prime Property Prize competition.

General medical and laboratory construction

Construction of the Rydygiera Voivodeship Complex Hospital in Toruń

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Budimex S.A. built technical facilities, a multi-level garage building with a solar installation on the roof and an administration building together with a dissecting-room, as well as a building for the infectious diseases ward, psychiatry, hospital clinics and a cytotoxic laboratory in which medicines used in oncological chemotherapy are prepared. Walls on the operating block were also installed and all rooms were integrated. The main building roof features a helicopter landing strip equipped with a second evacuation exit. The entire hospital complex is equipped with an innovative pneumatic mail system which ensures the transfer of documents, medicines and samples between buildings. The psychiatry building and the main building were connected with a 40-metre connector in a steel structure, based on reinforced concrete frames with a glass façade.

Oncology Centre of the Lublin Region

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In July 2018, Budimex S.A. took over the construction carried out in 40% by another contractor. The buildings that were subject to reconstruction dated from the 1960s and 1970s. The company completed the construction of the entire hospital complex in the scope of stages 2 and 3. A complete reconstruction of hospital facilities located at K. Jaczewskiego St. was undertaken, the old bed building was demolished with a connector on the south-eastern side, which was replaced by a new one. A new administration and teaching centre was also built. All buildings are linked with a connector that enables free communication. The scope of works also included the construction of a two-level underground car park with technical and storage rooms.

Energy and industrial construction

Power unit at Turów Power Plant

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As part of the consortium with Mitsubishi Power Europe GmbH and Técnicas Reunidas S.A. a separate power unit of 450 MW was built in the power plant, working to supercritical steam parameters. The production unit will be a single-conveying tower flow boiler with a dust furnace and a low-emission combustion chamber. It will function with a condensing steam turbine. Under the contract, the block has been equipped with all technological systems necessary for its operation.

Modernisation of the existing flue gas desulphurisation installation and the flue gas removal system at Łaziska Power Plant

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The works were carried out in consortium with Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems Europe. As part of the project, the existing flue gas desulphurisation system and the flue gas removal system at Łaziska Power Plant were partially modernised. The investment was implemented under the “design and build" system. The scope of works included: a liquidation of the GAVO exchanger to IOS (flue gas desulphurisation), construction of an additional “wet” chimney to discharge flue gases from the absorber, modernisation of the absorber consisting in installation of a sieve shelf improving the efficiency of desulphurisation and the connection of the exhaust flues of units 9 and 10 with the exhaust flues of units 11 and 12 together with an installation of sealed flaps enabling configuration of operation of the blocks for any flue gas desulphurisation.