Financial capital

The capital from which the Budimex Group finances its business is the funds entrusted to it by shareholders and lenders, as well as the funds that it generates by creating profits.

The Group conducts activities that result in the construction of road and rail infrastructure as well as public facilities. It purchases the necessary raw materials and materials, settles its obligations to its business partners in a timely and reliable manner, and thus ensures their financial liquidity.

Capital input data Capital management Results achieved
total assets: PLN 6,673,959 thousand*
  • increase in the profitability of the construction activity of Budimex S.A.
  • traditional seasonal drop in financial involvement in the implementation of large infrastructural contracts in the last months of the year,
  • lower amount of dividend paid by Budimex S.A. than in recent years. (half of the net profit for 2019),
  • expenditures on the purchase of land in the development segment lower than planned, with simultaneous one-off proceeds from the sale of two pieces of land and the proceeds from the final settlements of several development projects,
  • increasing the scale of operations of FBSerwis Group companies and the profitability of their activities, in particular in the segment of waste collection and management as well as maintenance and modernisation of infrastructure
increase in the value of total assets by 11.8%
equity: PLN 836,640 thousand* increase in equity by 41.9%
long-term liabilities PLN 1,049,392 thousand* increase in the value of long-term liabilities by 8.6%
short-term liabilities PLN 4,787,927 thousand* increase in the value of short-term liabilities by 7.3%
sales revenues: PLN 7,569,663 thousand* increase in sales revenues by 10.7%
net profit: PLN 228,851 thousand* increase in the net profit by 106%

*balance at the end of 2019

Human capital

Budimex Group is made up of experienced engineers and other professionals involved in creating sustainable value.

The Group ensures fair working conditions for its employees and counterparties. It supports its workers in the development of competences. It conducts a number of activities for future engineers, e.g. under the “Budimex Academy”, internship and apprenticeships programmes. The core value of its activities is concern for the health and safety of all employees. Therefore, the operations for the sake of safety improvement on construction sites include everyone: employees, contractors, consortium members, suppliers, and individuals involved in the project implementation.

Capital input data Capital management Results achieved
number of employees: 7,273
  • introduction of special procedures to protect workers' health in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic
  • start of the “Human Resources Information System” implementation
  • obtaining ISO 45001 certificate
  • implementation of employee engagement surveys
  • organization of the Safety Week
  • implementation of programmes that support the professional development of women and the development of skills among the company’s leading employees
Percentage share of new employees 24.9%
number of employed women: 1,525 turnover ratio: 27.8%
number of employed men: 5,748 decrease in the total number of accidents at work among the company’s employees (2020 vs 2019) by 9 cases
percentage of the company’s employees and third-party employees working under supervision of the organisation, covered by the OHS management system 94%

Organisational capital

The organisational capital of the Budimex Group is its unique structure, which makes it possible to gather complementary competences, thus offering a wide range of services.

Budimex Group provides a safe workplace for its employees and contractors, and has a modern stock of the machinery and equipment necessary for the completion of contracts.

Capital input data Capital management Results achieved
tangible fixed assets: PLN 512,921 thousand*
  • use of an Integrated Management System consisting of certified quality, occupational health and safety and environmental management systems
increase in the value of tangible fixed assets by 7%
number of pre-qualified subcontractors: 820 number of conducted final assessments of subcontractors: 694; number of identified irregularities 40

*balance at the end of 2019

Intellectual capital

Intellectual capital is the sum of the unique technical solutions developed over the years, resulting from research and development. It also includes the knowledge and competences of the Budimex Group's employees, who create effective solutions that ensure, among other things, the safety of the recipients of the Group's undertakings and the natural environment.

Capital input data Capital management Results achieved
intangible assets: PLN 168,822 thousand*
  • 27 laboratory units located throughout the country
  • 50 accredited test methods
  • launching the Innovation Zone – a platform for employees to submit, evaluate and implement ideas for improvement and innovation
expenditure on R&D (with consideration of own expenditure and obtained subsidies): PLN 14,910 thousand
number of employees involved in innovative projects: 54* more than a threefold increase in the number of employees involved in innovative projects
a number of training hours per employee: 10** an increase of 21% in the number of training hours per employee

*balance at the end of 2019
**balance at the end of 2019, applies to Budimex S.A.

Social capital

Social capital, as understood by the Budimex Group, is the ability to build relations with its environment, i.e. with suppliers, subcontractors and local communities, which it supports e.g. through employee volunteering, sponsorship and donations. The Group cooperates with other companies, including competitors („Agreement for Safety in Construction” {target=_blank} to address common problems in the industry.

Capital input data Capital management Results achieved
income tax paid to the state budget in the amount of over PLN 103,506 thousand*
  • elimination of social and environmental conflicts
  • implementation of original social programmes
  • cooperation and solutions created within the framework of the “Agreement for Safety in Construction”
  • implementation of initiatives to support local communities and people affected by the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic
  • running a grant programme and employee volunteering programme
increase in the income tax paid to the budget by 45.5%
PLN 883 thousand of donations paid for social purposes* almost fivefold increase in the amount allocated for social purposes in the form of donations
PLN 1650 thousand spent on sponsoring*

*balance at the end of 2019

Natural capital

For the Budimex Group, natural capital is its influence exerted (directly and indirectly) on the environment.

The Group strives to reduce its impact on the environment (including climate), increase the efficiency of natural resources management and applies the principles of ecological responsibility in the supply chain. It protects the most valuable natural areas ensuring correct construction site planning and security. It constantly monitors its impact on the surroundings and responds to all potential risks.

Capital input data Capital management Results achieved
total energy consumption: 891,436.57 GJ*
  • recovery of secondary raw materials and soil and earth
  • optimisation of the use of raw materials, materials, energy media and emissions
  • defining actions that will reduce the Group’s negative impact on the climate, including reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, and helping the business model to adapt to climate change
  • environmental management system according to ISO 14001
decrease in energy consumption by 10%
CO2 emissions (range 1 and 2): 78,999.97** 15.4% reduction in CO2 emissions
Purchase of renewable energy: 9,649.25 GJ 64.8% increase in purchased renewable energy
water consumption: 327,321.69 m3* decrease in water consumption by 39%

*balance at the end of 2019
**balance at the end of 2019, concerning Budimex S.A.