„Hello ICE” is another original social project by Budimex implemented since 2019, whose objectives are to improve the knowledge of children from kindergartens and primary schools (grade 1–3) about safety on the way to and from school, the rules and methods of first aid and to minimise the risk on roads around schools. The programme was held under the honorary auspices of the Minister of Infrastructure and the Minister of National Education, and it received a positive opinion from Stowarzyszenie Dobra Edukacja.

A key part of the undertaking is an interactive map which anyone can use to mark dangerous places that students have to cross on their way to school, (450 such places have already been submitted through it). The programme website includes educational materials for teachers, children and parents. In addition, children are equipped with plastic cards that provide contact details in the event of an accident.

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One of the consequences of the pandemic threat was that in 2020 some of the activity was transferred to the Internet. However, while maintaining safety standards, outdoor activities were also carried out to welcome Budi the tiger (programme mascot) by the children during the launch of school year 2020/2021 and to meet him on the occasion of the World Reflection Day. Last year, in order to increase the safety of children in pedestrian traffic, 3D pedestrian lanes were painted in four locations (Bartoszyce, Lesznowola, Sanok, Miechów).

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