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I. Diversity in management bodies

2019  2020  
Budimex Group      
Management Board3141731316
age below 30000000
age 30-503583710
age over 50099066
including foreigners000000
Supervisory Board4182231922
age below 30000000
age 30-50257257
age over 502131511415
including foreigners077077
Budimex S.A.      
Management Board066055
age below 30000000
age 30-50011011
age over 50055044
including foreigners000000
Supervisory Board37102810
age below 30000000
age 30-50101112
age over 50279178
including foreigners044044

II. Ratio of basic salary and remuneration of women to men

Budimex Group* Budimex S.A. 
blue-collar workers89.90%83.30%84.10%87.30%
white-collar workers71.30%71.00%70.60%70.70%
Management Board89.90%91.30%87.50%89.80%