Care for the health and safety of all employees is the core value for Budimex. Therefore, the operations in the field of safety improvement on construction sites include everyone: its employees, contractors, consortium members, suppliers, and individuals involved in the project implementation.

2019 was the last year in which the standard PN-N-18001 was applicable in the company, focusing mainly on safety management in a given organisation. Last year, Budimex obtained a certificate of compliance with the European standard ISO 45001 which assumes the commitment of all entities involved in the implementation of construction projects, such as subcontractors or suppliers. This commitment model has been implemented and developed in the organisation for many years. Mostostal Kraków S.A. has an OHS system certified in accordance with ISO 45001. FBSerwis S.A. and Budimex Nieruchomości Sp. z o.o. do not have any certified OHS management systems. The Budimex Group, apart from management systems, applies the so-called „Ferrovial OHS Standards”, the main purpose of which is the organisation of the construction process that takes into account the principle that everyone, regardless of whether they are an employee of the Group companies or their business partner, should return to their family and relatives after the end of work, “so nothing should stop us from respecting the safety rules for which we always have to find time”.

The Budimex Group also has an OHS Policy, which assumes the following:

  • ensuring safe and hygienic working conditions to effectively prevent accidents, near misses and occupational diseases among employees and subcontractors,
  • ensuring the context of organisation that is relevant to the scope of operations, including all interested parties and associated risks and opportunities,
  • ensuring the supervision and reduction of OHS risks in accordance with the principle of supervision hierarchy,
  • monitoring and strictly adhering to applicable legal and other provisions in the field of OHS,
  • ensuring appropriate training for employees of the Group companies to continuously increase their commitment and awareness for improvement of working conditions and building leadership within the organisation,
  • creating for all employees and their representatives the conditions for consultations and participation in creating common safety by supporting initiatives to improve the OHS processes,
  • continuously improving the OHS management system through the exchange of best available practices.

In companies of the Group, OHS Committees operate with participation of representatives of employees and the employer to represent all employees. Their task is to carry out weekly OHS checks on all contracts. Information from inspections and recommendations are stored in one place, providing with easy access and monitoring, if necessary.

In late 2019 and early 2020, in addition to the OHS Committee, the OHS Executive Committee was established at the initiative of Branch Directors. Meetings are held every 2 months and are aimed at sharing knowledge and experience between divisions and planning actions at operational and strategic level regarding OHS.

Employees at various levels of the organisation are involved in monitoring safety. The OHS staff conduct health and safety inspections of projects and at the headquarters; the correctness of the safety system operation is monitored through system audits carried out by a team of internal auditors. Compliance of work organisation regarding projects is verified through SOB audits. Since 2019, a group of management staff of Budimex S.A. has been conducting Senior Management Visits to build the culture of safety at all levels of the organisation

More detailed information on the number of employees covered by the OHS management system can be found HERE .