In the „Contractor's Code”, the Budimex Group obliges its subcontractors to respect legal norms and environmental decisions. The requirements are included in an annex to agreements – "Environmental Protection Requirements." Every subcontractor must respond to emergencies and environmental incidents according to the system and standards of the Group.

Subcontractors participate in mandatory training concerning procedures applicable in the field of environmental protection and rules of conduct in the event of failure. In addition, their equipment is subject to technical efficiency assessment. Construction site supervisors receive specialist training in environmental protection while the remaining staff participate in regular training courses in OHS management and environmental protection on contract.

The Environmental Protection Team, which carries out inspections and audits on the executed contracts, is responsible for ensuring that the environmental protection rules are followed. In 2020 there were no environmental incidents or accidents that would cause environmental damage. No fines or others sanctions were imposed on the Budimex Group due to the violation of environmental regulations in that period. The Voivodeship Environmental Protection Inspectors conducted 5 inspections, none of which resulted in a fine or proceedings against Budimex S.A.

820 suppliers were subjected to pre-qualification and 694 final evaluations were made in 2020. Irregularities related to the environmental protection were found only in four cases.