Nature conservation in the supply chain

We expect our subcontractors to comply with legal standards and environmental decisions. The requirements are contained in a separate attachment to the contracts (“Environmental Requirements”). Each subcontractor is required to respond to environmental emergencies and incidents in accordance with the Group’s and the Group’s standard of conduct.

Subcontractors attend mandatory training on environmental and emergency procedures. In addition, their equipment is subject to a technical performance assessment. Site supervisors receive specific training on environmental protection issues, other employees take part in regular training courses on occupational health, safety and environmental management on a contract basis.

The Environmental Protection Team is responsible for compliance with the adopted environmental protection rules, which conducts inspections and audits on the contracts being implemented. Budimex SA has a dedicated system for collecting data on environmental incidents, based on which information in this respect is reported from construction sites. Management of environmental incidents and accidents is part of the company’s Environmental Management documentation. Environmental standards for the prevention and prevention of environmental incidents have been developed internally, construction sites are equipped with environmental kits according to the specifics of the project. In 2021, 2 leakages of operating fluids due to failure of construction machinery components were recorded. In 2021 no environmental damage as a result of the Budimex Group’s activities was found, therefore no penalties in respect of environmental damage were imposed.

In 2021, the Budimex Group conducted a number of actions in cooperation with local governments. These actions included plantings, construction of green infrastructure for bus stops and education.

About the report

This publication is another integrated annual report which presents the entire financial, social and environmental performance of the Budimex Group.

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