Fuels and energy

The Budimex Group’s demand for fuel and energy results primarily from:

  • production of bituminous mixtures,
  • operation of construction machinery, transport of materials, raw materials,
  • waste,
  • the use of official vehicles.

The current energy consumption of works, and thus the emission factor, is closely related to the stage of implementation of a given investment and results, among other things, from the level of demand for transport, machine operation and bituminous mass production. Relatively long cycle of execution of contracts, because it lasts over a year, makes the comparison of energy demand and energy intensity on an annual basis not very reliable. Positive or negative changes in results may result from the current status of the contract portfolio, and not from changes in the operating model. Such changes occur, however, as the Budimex Group undertakes operational activities aimed at permanent reduction of energy consumption and emissions (e.g. through successive replacement of equipment) and educational activities addressed to employees, which translate into lower consumption of electricity and fuels.

Budimex group
Unit20202021y/y change
Light fuel oilMWh4,899.926,759.9238%
Coal dustMWh66,209.4571,499.928%
Mains natural gasMWh2,714.071,774.53-34.6%
Electrical energyMWh27,634.2423,814.13-13.8%
Electricity from renewable sourcesMWh4,418.157,069.5960%
Thermal energyMWh14,318.4910,789.31-24.6%
Total energyMWh274,890.37274,800.850%

Since 2019, Budimex Group has been transforming its fleet in line with the principles of green electromobility. The percentage of electric and hybrid vehicles is successively increased. Extensive activities in this respect constitute one of the important areas of strategic action.

The complete summary of fuel and energy consumption at Budimex SA. and in the Holding Company Group can be found in the Attachment.

About the report

This publication is another integrated annual report which presents the entire financial, social and environmental performance of the Budimex Group.

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