Employee benefits

Budimex employees have the opportunity to benefit from subsidised participation in sports events, in which they represent the company, e.g. “Poland Business Run” or “Santa Claus Run”. The Company supports and promotes their hobbies through a series of talks and articles entitled “One Company, Many Passions” published on its intranet. In the intranet, employees share their interests, inspire and motivate each other to lead an active lifestyle.

Budimex offers the following benefits to its employees:

additional payments to Employee Capital Plans (PPK) – companies of the Budimex Group decided to make additional, voluntary payments to monthly contributions, thanks to which employees will be able to receive higher pensions,
an extensive medical benefits package regardless of the employee’s position,
a wide selection of services in the “MyBenefit” programme, thanks to which each employee can decide on his/her own what he/she will use the money from the Company Social Benefit Fund for,
subsidised sports activities under the “Active BX” initiative (sports sections) and the possibility of using sports facilities thanks to the “MultiSport” card,
life insurance and the option to extend it to cover additional risk categories (in addition to those covered by the employer),
an extra paid day off on a birthday or name day,
interest-bearing loans and grants for people in difficult situations,
housing allowances for white collar workers,
gifts for mothers on the occasion of the birth of their child,
co-financing of professional qualifications.

Employees have the opportunity to participate in individual English, German and Czech language courses subsidised by Budimex. The employees also have access to the eTutor English language learning platform, offering lessons at levels A1 to C2. The platform uses unique solutions and functionalities, such as multimedia exercises, innovative repetition system, artificial intelligence checking pronunciation, algorithm verifying correctness of written work, language games, embedded DIKI dictionary. In addition, each employee using the platform can invite one of their closest relatives to learn for free.

If manual workers work away from home due to the requirements of a particular contract, they can count on free accommodation. A free daily lunch is provided for all blue-collar workers, regardless of whether they work on-site or at their place of residence.

Budimex SA is the first company in the Ferrovial Group and one of the first companies in Poland to implement the “Human Resources Information System” (HRIS) created by Oracle. In 2020, the main “soft” HR processes such as periodic evaluation, goal setting, training and development are covered by this solution. Subsequently, processes related to recruitment, development, succession planning, as well as support for the remuneration and benefits area will also be included. In this way, Budimex provides employees and supervisors with flexible self-service, in line with the latest global practices. HRIS covers almost 6 thousand employees in 5 companies of the Budimex Group. Work on the implementation of the system has been ongoing since the beginning of 2019. This is the largest such project carried out in the construction industry and one of the largest implementations of cloud solutions in Poland. HRIS will support the implementation of HR activities through employee access to the system via computer, tablet and phone.

About the report

This publication is another integrated annual report which presents the entire financial, social and environmental performance of the Budimex Group.

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