Important issues
What does the impact entailWays of managing the issue
Environmental issues

Level of greenhouse gas emissions
The influence of the Budimex Group in this area consists in combustion of fuels and purchase of electricity and heat as well as activities influencing the level of emissions in other organisations operating within the Group’s value chain, e.g. in subcontractors. Greenhouse gas emissions are directly linked to the issue of climate change. You can read more about the risks from climate change in the chapter Climate Risk Analysis.The issue is managed through the target within the CSR Strategy 2021-2023. The reduction of emissions is influenced by, among other things, the purchase of energy from renewable sources and the introduction of carbon-free mobility solutions.

Water consumption level
Water is used in the Budimex Group as a raw material in production processes and in the provision of construction services.The issue is managed through the target within the CSR Strategy 2021-2023. Reduction is achieved through actions such as rainwater recovery on contracts.
Issues from the social area

Counteracting discrimination
The Budimex Group has a zero tolerance policy for any manifestation of discrimination. Impact is generated primarily through the prevention of undesirable events.The issue is managed through the implementation of the objective within the CSR Strategy 2021-2023. The Budimex Group has policies governing the framework of conduct in the area of ethics and human rights. Employees are informed about the ethics management system in force in the Group and about ways to report concerns and violations.

Development and education
The impact in this area is mainly due to unique development programmes offered by the Budimex Group and addressed both to the current employees and those considering employment with the Budimex Group, as well as to students of construction studies. The issue is managed by offering a wide range of educational programmes. As part of the CSR Strategy 2021-2023 objective.

Equality and diversity of the workforce
Impact in this area is about creating a working environment that builds a culture of diversity and equality. This area is managed through the implementation of Diversity Policies and by carrying out activities aimed at, among other things, redressing pay inequalities.

The area of health and safety is particularly important for the Budimex Group. The impact in this area is directly related to the management of safety on contracts.The issue is managed through the implementation of an objective within the CSR Strategy 2021-2023. The Budimex Group has detailed policies defining a framework of conduct in the area of OHS. Indicators for OHS are monitored and analysed. Based on conclusions from analyses of statistics and accidents, preventive and corrective measures are implemented.
Issues from the management area

Quality of construction services provided
Impact is generated by controlling the quality of the services provided.The issue is monitored through a dedicated quality indicator within the CSR Strategy 2021-2023. The management of the issue includes, among others, quality control processes.

The potential impacts under this theme cover many different aspects of ESG that can be addressed by innovation projects.The issue has been included in the objectives of the CSR Strategy for 2021-2023. Activities in the area covered by the issue focus on innovative pilot projects carried out with the help of Budimex Group's own resources and with the participation of partners and startups.

About the report

This publication is another integrated annual report which presents the entire financial, social and environmental performance of the Budimex Group.

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