Unfortunately, it is not possible to eliminate all difficulties and risks, which is why the Budimex Group tries to compensate local communities for any inconvenience caused by its activities.
The Budimex Group’s social impact

Budimex attaches great importance to cooperation with local communities, including supporting them, as well as limiting the negative impact on the inhabitants of the areas where the company operates.

The management of the social impact area of the Budimex Group has been specified in the “Principles of the Company’s Responsibility Policy”. The document includes, among others, provisions directly or indirectly related to social impact aspects, prescribing ethical and responsible behaviour with respect to all activities, transparency and application of best practices in corporate governance, as well as contribution to social and economic development.

The second document operating in this area is the “Policy of cooperation with local communities”. It indicates specific actions to be taken both before the commencement of the construction works (conducting a dialogue with the local community on the project in order to dispel any possible concerns related to the investment) and during the contract (building relationships with the social environment of the project).

Construction of road and railway infrastructure in a long-term perspective is one of the conditions of social and economic development of the country, and in effect improves the quality of life of a given community. However, at the stage of construction works implementation, it is connected with specific difficulties, especially for the residents of areas directly adjacent to the given project (e.g. increased traffic and noise resulting from transport of construction materials, operation of machinery). Each potential aspect of the investment’s impact on the surroundings is analysed already at the stage of issuing administrative decisions, and representatives of inhabitants take part in social consultations. The Budimex Group also conducts non-mandatory, additional social consultations during designing e.g. detours or road closures. It provides feedback channels for inhabitants in the form of a contact form available on the www.budimex.pl website and company profiles in social media. In this way, it limits the risk of phenomena which may have a negative impact on the neighbours of implemented projects or lead to delays and stoppages of works resulting from e.g. protests of residents, blocking of works by them, prolongation of administrative procedures.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to eliminate all difficulties and hazards, therefore, the Budimex Group tries to compensate local communities for any inconvenience caused by its activities. It organizes, among others, educational campaigns for the youngest in the field of road safety, first aid, as well as finances the purchase of equipment for fire brigades, hospitals, etc. It also helps residents with small jobs, e.g. in carrying out minor works, such as renovating playgrounds.

There were no conflicts with the local community of a long-term nature in 2021. A few incidents were reported over the reporting period. In each case, corrective action was taken to address the identified inconvenience:

  • The Strachocina gas pipeline contract – damage and contamination of local access roads in the area of the Komańcza commune were reported. Regular washing and repair of roads was implemented.
  • DK12 in Chelm – incidents were reported with some of the construction neighbours involving the need to move fences. The residents had to move their fences from parts of the plots illegally occupied by their properties. Some of the residents did not want to carry out the activities in their area. The works related to relocating the fences were carried out by Budimex.
  • S14 in Łódź – a water well, previously belonging to a house adjacent to the construction site, was occupied by the construction site. Budimex built a new well for the neighbour.
  • Construction of the Vistula Collector in Warsaw – there have been protests from the cycling community following the introduction of detours for previously operating cycle tracks. Incorrect marking of temporary paths was reported. The markings were supplemented.
  • Construction of Wałbrzych by-pass – residents of one of the neighbouring properties reported that a new road embankment flooded the ground floor of their house during heavy rainfall. The situation was the result of an incorrect construction design. Budimex has made additional drainage in this place and asked the investor to change the project and order the execution of additional water outlets.
  • Warszawa Zachodnia – insufficient marking of temporary crossings was reported by inhabitants. Temporary crossings were additionally marked.

About the report

This publication is another integrated annual report which presents the entire financial, social and environmental performance of the Budimex Group.

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