Diversity management

The issues related to diversity are unequivocally regulated in corporate documents that apply to all companies of the Budimex Group. These include the “Principles of Corporate Responsibility Policy” of the Ferrovial Group, the owner of Budimex. They oblige all employees of the Group, among others, to respect fundamental human rights, foster equality, diversity and take care of work-life balance. They oblige all employees of the Group to, among other things, respect fundamental human rights, promote equality, diversity and work-life balance. The second Group-wide document is the “Principles for the Protection of Human Rights”, concerning the avoidance of discrimination, the promotion of equal opportunities, as well as the recognition of the value in diversity in the workplace. The third document is the “Code of Ethics”, which implements these policies and combats discrimination in employment.

Budimex has implemented a “Diversity Policy” relating to equal treatment with regard to, inter alia, gender, age, disability, state of health, nationality, political beliefs, form, scope and basis of employment, and is committed to creating an organisational atmosphere and culture that ensures respect for all forms of diversity. The regulations also cover the areas of recruitment, access to training and promotion, remuneration, reconciliation of professional and private life, protection against mobbing and unjustified dismissal. Budimex is breaking down barriers related to the health condition of employees by employing disabled persons. For the purpose of efficient management of the “Policy”, the so-called anti-discrimination and anti-bullying monitoring was introduced, as well as a system of educational tools, workshops and training. Every year, the results of the Policy are reported to the Management Board.

Budimex Group is also a signatory of the “Diversity Card” – an international initiative constituting a voluntary commitment of an organisation to treat all its employees equally, prevent any discrimination in the workplace and take measures to create conditions conducive to diversity. It demonstrates an organisation’s willingness to involve all its stakeholder groups in its efforts to protect and promote diversity.

An important indicator for ensuring non-discrimination based on gender is the Gender Pay Gap Ratio:

Budimex Group
Senior management45.1%
Managers and supervisors24.6%
Other employees17%
All employees16.3%

About the report

This publication is another integrated annual report which presents the entire financial, social and environmental performance of the Budimex Group.

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