Violation reporting system

All employees of the Budimex Group have access to information and tools enabling them to report observed violations and irregularities. These are:

compliance hotline (+48 789 404 104),
e-mail addresses: and,
an electronic platform allowing anonymous reporting,
the ability to report in person to the Compliance Coordinator or an Assistant Compliance Coordinator.

There are reports, e.g. in the form of letters sent directly to the President of the Management Board or Members of the Management Board of Budimex SA. In such a case, they are forwarded directly to persons responsible for considering them.

If the person making the report wishes to do so, he/she remains anonymous and is also assured that he/she will not face any professional consequences as a result of the report. The Compliance Coordinator, in cooperation with the Compliance Committee and/or the Office of Internal Control, investigates each report in detail in accordance with confidentiality standards. Each case of violation shall be recorded in writing, including recommendations or guidelines for further action by the organisational unit to which the report relates. The Compliance Coordinator is required to periodically report on the notifications to the Management Board and Supervisory Board with information on what actions have been taken to clarify the respective notification (at least for a period of three months). In addition, the Audit Committee of the Supervisory Board has the right at any time to request a report for a given period.

Through the existing mechanisms, there were no reports in the area of corruption in 2021. List of reports of violations of the “Code of Ethics” / “Compliance Policy” in 2021:

  • conflict of interest issues,
  • inappropriate employee-supervisor relations,
  • issues of interpretation of internal regulations in the Budimex Group.

Appropriate action was taken following the issues reported. In two cases, employees were terminated, in one case the employee was cautioned, and in others appropriate information was provided to the reporters. In addition, compliance training was conducted in December 2021, which continued into January 2022.

In 2021, there were no cases of non-compliance with the law resulting in financial penalties imposed on the Budimex Group.

There were no cases of breaches of fair competition rules in 2021.

About the report

This publication is another integrated annual report which presents the entire financial, social and environmental performance of the Budimex Group.

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