CSR strategy


In 2018, we were implementing the "2016-2020 Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy for the Budimex Group". The CSR strategy is consistent with the business strategy and refers directly to it. Based on the assumptions of the CSR strategy and key responsibility areas of the Budimex Group, eight priorities of social responsibility were identified. They were assigned with specific activities and Key Performance Indicators (KPI), whose implementation is regularly monitored and enforced. Specific objectives and performance indicators were defined, which should be achieved during that four-year period, and mid-range targets, approved and regularly monitored by the CSR Committee.

The strategic approach to corporate social responsibility has been defined in the Company's Responsibility Policy, in which the Group undertakes to act for the development of society by improving the level of life of citizens and simultaneous creation of the value for shareholders, employees and other stakeholders. The Policy applies to the entire Group, to all companies.

The Corporate Responsibility Principles included therein have been developed based on the Global Compact Guidelines:

  • Ethical and responsible conduct in all activities;
  • Respect for human rights;
  • Transparency and application of best practices in corporate governance;
  • Contribution to the socio-economic development;
  • Reduction of environmental impact, fighting climate change and efficient resource management;
  • Promotion of responsible supply chain activities;
  • Protection of health and safety of employees and contribution to equality, diversity and balance between work and private life;
  • Innovation as an element of competitiveness and value creation;
  • Stakeholder engagement;
  • Financial stability and long-term perspective.

The CSR Committee and the Communications Department are responsible for their implementation.

Strategy PrioritiesObjectivesKPI 2020 to measure the level of objective accomplishment Examples of activities
I. Improvement of the occupational health and safety standardsObjective: zero fatal accidents among the Company's employees and persons employed by subcontractors operating on the construction site 0 fatal accidentsProvision of collective and personal protective equipment
Objective: lowering the incidence rate among the Budimex employees% of equipped construction sites with full trained staff, i.e. ~100% of the last year's rate valueImprovement of the first aid system through gradual provision of contracts with first aid equipment
Objective: lowering the accident severity index among the Budimex employees <100% of the last year's index valuePermanent OHS training for employees
II. Reduction of the environmental impactObjective: Effective use of energy and reduction of related emissions 2.8 - TOE (Tonnes of Oil Equivalent) / 1 million of sales revenueReduction of average fuel consumption in cars and related CO2 emission
Objective: Optimum use of raw materials and materials and minimisation of generated waste N/AIncreased effectiveness of selective management of operating waste: e.g. filters, oils, clothing and working clothes
Objective: Control of environmental risks and environmental damage and emergency prevention0 - number of emergencies / 1 million revenueImplementation and development of tools for estimating environmental risks "MARS" (Environmental Risk Analysis Module)
III. Being a neighbour and guest in local communitiesObjective: zero environment-related conflicts that would contribute to the cessation of works 0 - number of environment-related conflictsSocial involvement of Budimex for the benefit of local communities in which Budimex is active
IV. Elimination of the risk of unethical conductObjective: zero unverified cases of potential unethical conduct 0 - number of unverified ethical incidentsPromotion of the Code of Ethics among subcontractors' employees
V. Development of unique competencies and friendly workplace atmosphereObjective: maximisation of the personnel satisfaction index≥ 100% of the last research valueProvision of development programmes, including managerial programmes
VI. Top quality assuranceObjective: maximisation of the Quality Conformance (QC) index≥ 100% of the last year's valueReduction of the warranty repair costs
VII. Support of the culture of innovationsObjective: increase in innovativeness≥ 100% of the last year's valueModernisation of the R&D unit
VIII. Provision of surveillance mechanisms for social and environmental results of activitiesObjective: provision of reliable financial and non-financial reportingImplemented - annual financial and non-financial data reportingRegular meetings of the CSR Committee and the Supervisory Board

The CSR strategy is supervised by the CSR Committee composed of representatives of the company's Management Board and representatives of organisational units responsible for various aspects of business activity.