Sales structure

In 2018, sales revenues for the investment activity came to PLN 548,069 thousand and increased compared to the previous year by 8.8%. Net presale of new flats from the Budimex Group’s offer in entire 2018 came to 1,208, compared to 1,457 flats in the previous year. An increase in a number of presold flats by 17% corresponded with the downward trend observed in the largest Polish cities. In 2018, the Budimex Group, continuing an increase in resources of the land bank, purchased plots of land in Warsaw, Kraków, Poznań, Tricity and Wrocław. The portfolio of projects ready to be started increased to almost 10 thousand flats at the end of 2018.

The number and value of won tenders in 2018 was similar to the one in 2017. In 2019, the investment process shall be continued, which should translate into new road and railroad orders. In 2019, the Budimex Group plans capital expenditure at the level of approx. PLN 50 million, including approx. PLN 26 million for Budimex SA and PLN 16 million for Budimex Kolejnictwo. The main expenditure shall concern the purchase of construction and railway machinery, as well as completion of IT projects.

The portfolio of construction orders of the Budimex Group as of 31 December 2018 came to PLN 10,131,732, which means a small decrease (2%) compared to the end of 2017.


Our offer includes industrial, residential and office facilities, public utility facilities, bypasses, roads, motorways, railway infrastructure, airports, hydrotechnical facilities and waste treatment plants. Geographically, the sales structure has been stable for several years. The main markets on which the Budimex Group operates include Poland, Germany and Lithuania, while the dominant share of revenues origins from the Polish market (96.1%). 2.7% of revenues came from Germany, 1.0% from Lithuania, and 0.2% from other markets. In 2018, on the German market mainly workshop works were performed. Sales revenues from Germany came to PLN 202,305 thousand and were higher by 1.5% than in 2017. The increase was bumper for pre-fabrication works (2.9%), while for metal works – decrease (1.5%). Further presence of Budimex on these markets is planned.