Accident rate

The analysis of accidents makes it possible to clearly determine what specific actions are necessary to eliminate them on construction sites. In Budimex Group every accident is described in compliance with the Polish statutory classification and in compliance with the procedures and classification adopted by the strategic investor, Ferrovial Group, which provides better capabilities of post-accident statistics analysis (those are, i.a., differences in accident assessment process and definition of serious accidents). Internal self-regulations are more restrictive than legal regulations within the scope of accident rate.

In 2018, during the work environment measurements, an overrun of the NDN noise level was found at the positions of the bituminous mass operator and the bituminous worker. In order to minimise exposure to that factor, we implemented a repair programme in cooperation with the Sanitary and Epidemiological Station (SANEPID) aimed at raising awareness among employees from professional groups particularly exposed to noise. We updated the OHS training programmes regarding the level of occupational risk assessment, measures eliminating the hazard, NDN values, test results and proper application of protective equipment.

Accident rate in 2018:

Among own Budimex employeesAmong subcontractors' employees
Number of accidents (total)426989104
Number of fatal accidents0023

(more figures in the tables at the end of the report)

The Management Board of Budimex - the parent company in the Budimex Group, receives statistics concerning accident rate on a monthly basis. Each time, possible fatal accidents or potentially fatal accidents (i.e. accidents that could have resulted in death) are directly reported to the Management Board, which analyses them. Fatal accidents are also discussed in a wider group of representatives of construction companies as part of the Steering Committee of the "Agreement for Security in Construction". This allows to seek solutions together or to propose changes in the employees' safety system valid in the sector.


The Budimex Group, in order to ensure safety on its construction sites, prevents unauthorised access to them or to their vicinity. Each construction site is fenced and properly marked. Preventive actions are taken also by employees of construction site security guards.